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The yellow gem stone[sic] of Heart of twilight (a heavenly jewel when unidentified) is an Elona+ exclusive precious item that modifies the danger level of dungeons within sight.


The gemstone is obtained from Sophia during Act 3 Eternal League in a dialogue where the player can ask her (the following in order) for money, fame, power, harem, god status, and you (Sophia).

Choosing either god status or Sophia will result in nothing, as she does not suggest becoming a god and takes the other choice as teasing on the player's side.

Choosing the "harem" will lead to the yellow gem stone of Heart of Twilight to be dropped at the player's feet. (weighs 1.2s)


Using it while not on the world map leads to the message of "You can only use it in the world map."

Using it on the world map leads to the prompt that reads as follows:

  • degree of difficulty 0.5 times
  • degree of difficulty 0.7 times
  • degree of difficulty 0.9 times
  • degree of difficulty 1.1 times
  • degree of difficulty 1.3 times
  • degree of difficulty 1.5 times

This will change the danger level of nearby dungeons, multiplying each one by the specified amount. The accompanying message is displayed as "Chaos fortress vibrated. Chaos forest vibrated. Stronghold of death vibrated" etc.


  • The gemstone has a cooldown time of 12 hours.
  • Already-visited dungeons are not affected.
  • Dungeons cannot exceed danger level 6666.


The sprite number for the yellow gem stone of Heart of twilight is 657, with a color modifier of 25 (bright yellow tint).