Elona Wiki
Level 14 Female Yeek Wizard
Str: 13(Hopeless) Con: 21(Hopeless) Dex: 18(Hopeless)
Per: 26(Bad) Lea: 28(Hopeless) Wil: 28(Bad)
Mag: 40(Bad) Cha: 18(Hopeless)
Life: 80 Mana: 90 Speed: 115
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 12 (27%)
Shield: 11 (26%)
Heavy Armor: 12 (27%)
Medium Armor: 12 (27%)
Light Armor: 21 (43%)
Evasion: 12 (27%)
Stealth: 12 (27%)
Literacy: 15 (29%)
Memorization: 11 (26%)
Alchemy: 12 (27%)
Magic Capacity: 15 (29%)
Faith: 12 (27%)
Meditation: 20 (42%)
Casting: 13 (28%)
Magic Device: 13 (28%)
Negotiation: 12 (27%)

Long Sword: 12 (27%)
Axe: 12 (27%)
Martial Arts: 17 (40%)
Scythe: 12 (27%)
Blunt: 12 (27%)
Polearm: 12 (27%)
Stave: 20 (42%)
Short Sword: 18 (41%)
Bow: 12 (27%)
Crossbow: 12 (27%)
Throwing: 12 (27%)


Fire: Little
Cold: Little
Lightning: Little
Darkness: Little
Mind: Little
Poison: Little

Nether: Little
Sound: Little
Nerve: Little
Chaos: Little
Magic: No Resist

Yeek is the Lord of the yeeks' nest just to the west of Yowyn. Despite having the same name as the lowest tier monster of the Yeek family, it is actually a very powerful spellcasting opponent for it's level. Though the name does not have brackets (<>), she is nonetheless a unique NPC and as such cannot be charmed or dominated. Killing her is necessary to complete the Novice Knight Quest.

Yeek's combat strategy is to charge towards you, firing various arrow spells, then teleport away shortly after entering melee range. This strategy is one common to a number of spellcasting monsters, and is known as 'Liching', after the undead wizards who typify it. Yeek is particularly fond of using dark eye to blind you while her minions hack you away.

Yeek drops a figurine and card of yeek with her image on them. They are not actually the same item as the figurine or card of yeek one gets from killing normal yeeks.



Wishing for cardyeek or figureyeek will end up generating a card or figurine of normal yeek. Because of this, the card and figurine of boss yeek cannot be wished.


The sprite number for the yeek boss is 381.


Yeek's title and name in Japanese is イークの首領『ルードルボ』. ルードルボ (Rūdorubo) is the reverse of ボルドール (borudōru), the japanese name for Boldor, King of the Yeeks in Angband.