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Yeek's Nest
イークの洞窟 iiku no doukutsu
M146-Puppy Cave.png
You see an entrance leading to the Yeek's Nest.
Region North Tyris
Location (29,24)
Music mcDungeon5
Filename N/A

Location of the nest, relative to Yowyn.

An optional dungeon next to Yowyn. It's only one level deep with a random layout. Estimated level is around 5 but it's suggested to be at a minimum level 10 before entering. While the layout is random, the dungeon itself is static, meaning that any objects left around will remain inside unless picked or destroyed.

As the name implies, it's the home of various Yeek-type enemies. While the normal Yeeks and Yeek warriors still are a pushover, the presence of swarms of Kamikaze yeeks and Master yeeks will quickly take an unsuspecting player to the epitaph screen.

The only need the player will have to visit this dungeon is for the Novice Knight quest, which is given by Ainc the novice knight in Yowyn.


  • Any items generated inside the map.


Yeek nest battle screenshot.png

The dungeon contains the boss Yeek Lord (or chief, naming is inconsistent. She has a special sprite, but is called a Yeek). The Yeek Lord is a fairly powerful spellcaster with a preference to firing arrow-type spells, specially Dark Eye, teleporting if the player gets too close and letting the yeeks gang up on them. Like Master yeeks, she can summon more yeeks to support her.

As any spellcasting monster, successfully inflicting her with Silence will make her a sitting duck.