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Yacatect.png P139-YacatectOfWealth.png
Level 350 Female God Merchant (Predator)
Str: 1465(Hopeless) Con: 1645(Hopeless) Dex: 1465(Hopeless)
Per: 1258(Hopeless) Lea: 1258(Hopeless) Wil: 1258(Hopeless)
Mag: 1258(Hopeless) Cha: 1258(Hopeless)
Life: 200 Mana: 100 Speed: 1280
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 411 (2%)
Two Hand: 242 (1%)
Healing: 390 (2%)
Shield: 221 (1%)
Heavy Armor: 232 (1%)
Medium Armor: 232 (1%)
Dual Wield: 242 (1%)
Light Armor: 232 (1%)
Evasion: 379 (2%)
Stealth: 411 (2%)
Sense Quality: 221 (1%)
Detection: 242 (1%)
Eye of Mind: 385 (2%)
Greater Evasion: 221 (1%)
Marksman: 253 (1%)
Anatomy: 242 (1%)
Faith: 232 (1%)
Meditation: 232 (1%)
Casting: 253 (1%)
Control Magic: 253 (1%)
Negotiation: 856 (1%)
Investing: 856 (1%)
Performer: 221 (1%)

Long Sword: 400 (2%)
Axe: 400 (2%)
Martial Arts: 411 (2%)
Scythe: 400 (2%)
Blunt: 400 (2%)
Polearm: 400 (2%)
Stave: 400 (2%)
Short Sword: 400 (2%)
Bow: 400 (2%)
Crossbow: 400 (2%)
Throwing: 558 (3%)
Firearm: 400 (2%)


Fire: Superb
Cold: Superb
Lightning: Superb
Darkness: Superb
Mind: Superb
Poison: Superb

Nether: Superb
Sound: Superb
Nerve: Superb
Chaos: Superb
Magic: Normal

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Friendly
Preferred Distance: 1
Movement Chance: 75%
When Below 25% HP: No Action
Basic Secondary (10%)
Melee Attack (x4) Struck Out
Continuous Attacks
50% to use Golden Storm at 50% or lower HP

50% to use Gold Rush at 98% or higher Gauge

5% to use Space Retention

"Yacatect is a goddess of wealth." -Game

The cool big sis type. Direct, with an upbeat personality. Fun to go drinking with. She was introduced in Elona+.

As the goddess of wealth, <Yacatect> may not benefit her followers much in the heat of battle, but those who stick with her will find themselves grateful to her in times of peace. Her skill bonuses are perfectly tailored to helping her worshipers make money, and her pet, the Goose, will provide Platinum coins, enabling you to learn more skills, and in turn, make more profits.

She has an altar at the underground casino in Melkawn, and another at the Truce Ground, taking the place of the unclaimed altar from vanilla Elona.

As with Ehekatl in vanilla Elona, and every god in Elona+, killing her may result in the appearance of a more dangerous form- in this case, <Hyper Yacatect>.

Note: A summary of changes to all gods in Elona+ is located here



Accessories are abundant everywhere, so a few trips through the Puppy Cave can prove quite rewarding for a budding servant. Pilfering them in areas full of low-level NPCs (such as the children in Noyel) is also a good way to stock on some while also training Pickpocket.



  • All Collection (Passive: Increases chance of getting monster parts, figurines from monsters, and also regular items.)


  1. Goose pet - Melee fighter. Converts food into platinum coins.
  2. Yacatect's Gem Stone of God Medal - Immediately grants extra platinum. Reusable every month.
  3. <Kaneituuhou>
  4. <Aureate Constricter>

Bonus Formulas[]

Formula Minimum Maximum
Perception Favor/400 1 12 + Faith/10
Constitution Favor/250 1 24 + Faith/10
Negotiation Favor/300 1 21 + Faith/10
Sense Quality Favor/350 1 15 + Faith/10
Traveling Favor/350 1 15 + Faith/10
Investing Favor/350 1 24 + Faith/10
Alchemy Favor/300 1 15 + Faith/10


Note: the in-game dialog from Yacatect has now mostly been translated.

Altars and prayer[]

Converting to Yacatect "OK! OK! I'll look after you!"
Turning apostate "You, taking me lightly?!"
Taking over an altar "Good job, just like that! Keep it up!"
Failing to take over Yacatect's altar ""Aha, too bad for you~!""
Making an offering "Mm, not a bad choice you made there."
Ready to give a reward "Alright, awesome! You're the best!"
Ready to give final reward "Hey...the truth is, I...you...for some reason, I think I li....lik...aaa, nevermind! It's nothing!"
Receiving a gift "Yeah~! I'll give you something good!"
Using Yacatect's Gem Stone of God Medal "I give pocket money to you! You must spend it usefully!"
Summoning "You call on me and I appear! What's up? Got a business transaction for me?"
Talking to her when summoned "Hmm...I wonder if I could sell Ehekatl's leftovers or Kumiromi's shed feathers for cash. What do you think?"

Signals from god[]

You may receive these when wearing an item with the "It catches signals from god." attribute, such as The Unknown Shell.

Load game "You finally came back! Let's get to work making money!"
Sleeping "I'll sing you a lullaby for 100gp...hey, what? You're already asleep?!"

"We're pretty good..."
"Aah, what a waste..."
"You did it! I'm inspired by you~!"


"You making money?"
"Business is about experience, insight, and passion!"
"Bisiness[sic]~ Money~ Wealth~ ..."


The sprite number for Yacatect is 495. Because she has a large sprite, any replacement must be 48x96. Her portrait is located at 139 in the same sprite-numbering system.


  • Returning to your home while Yacatect is staying there will prompt her to greet you with the text "ご飯にするん?お風呂にするん?それとも、お・布・施?", meaning "Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps... make a donation?". This is a play on the phrase "ごはんにする? お風呂にする? それとも私?", meaning "Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps... me?", a line that's typically associated with newlywed couples.