Elona Wiki

In the Elona+ mod of Elona, the worm race replaces the Centipede race. For a player to pick the race, the debug races must be enabled. The only difference is that the dexterity growth has changed to "Good".

Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength.gif Strength Normal 3-6
Icon-constitution.gif Constitution Little 3-5
Icon-dexterity.gif Dexterity Good 5-10
Icon-perception.gif Perception Normal 3-6
Icon-learning.gif Learning Slight 2-3
Icon-will.gif Will Slight 1-2
Icon-magic.gif Magic Slight 1-2
Icon-charisma.gif Charisma Slight 1-2
Speed 70
Life 90
Mana 80

Trained Skills

Racial Feats

  • None

Equipment Slots

  • Back
  • Ring
  • Ring
  • Shoot
  • Ammo