I737-WoodenHorse.png The Wooden horse is found in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is a precious piece of furniture. It can be obtained by completing the Thieves' guild part of the Guild Quest Level 40. It has a unique appearance.

Its shape, name and function refer to the once widely-used torture device of the same name. Using a Tamer's whip on a pet who is situated in the same tile as the wooden horse and selecting any of the options causes a message to display and a change to a hidden variable on the pet. Depending on the option chosen, this change can be either negative or positive - the only other way to manipulate this variable is sleep sharing, which only allows positive modifications. This variable controls flavor text that the pet makes when whipped.

Unfortunately, as none of this flavor text is enabled or translated in the English version of the game, this item functionally has no use under English settings.


The item sprite ID for the wooden horse is 737 (Row 22, Column 11) using the item sprite zero-based position system.

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