Wizard mode is ostensibly used for debugging the game; however, to most players, it's easy mode. To access wizard mode press F12 during play to bring up the console and then type wizard and hit enter and then press esc to close the console.

Once in wizard mode, autosave will be disabled as saving the game (either by pressing F1 or by quitting normally) makes wizard mode permanent without the use of external programs.

Console CommandsEdit

Pressing F12 brings up the console.

wizard enables wizard mode
gain_spell gain all spells
gain_spact gain all special actions
gain_exp gain between nine hundred million and one billion experience points
gain_fame gain fame
allinv lists all items in the current map in the console (a little unwieldy)

Function KeysEdit

Once you have activated Wizard mode, the additional commands can be accessed through the function keys. Due to the debugging nature of Wizard mode, these functions tend to change with each version.

Function Keys in 1.16 reloaded fix 2b
F1 Saves the game.
F2 Load last save.
F3 Asks you to load a file.
F4 Something's potential for attributes expands. Causes random events. Makes you sleepy. As of 1.19, summons a lot of monsters.
F5 Grants a wish.
F6 Passes time with a visible transition.
F7 Regenerates the dungeon and if available, teleports you down a level. On the world map, this regenerates the location of materials. Using this in Your Home will prevent you from leaving.
F8 Export menu Disabled in wizard mode.
F9 Clear HUD messages. HUD will return upon movement, messages will not.
F10 Same effect as pressing alt.
F11 Dumps your character's information to a text file.
F12 Opens the console.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • You can interact with anything and get Info about it, without having to pay 10k at the informer.
  • You are unlikely to starve due to running out of food, as you can just wish for more.
  • You have no trouble with HP or MP, thanks to gain_exp.
  • You can obtain extra skill points from gain_exp.
  • You can get some of the hardest quests with gain_fame.
  • You won't have any trouble with monsters or bosses thanks to wishing for a god to appear.


  • Using gain_exp will make outdoor encounters almost impossible; however, if you never voluntarily enter an outdoor area, you should be fine.
  • It's not known how it's calculated, but quests pay you practically nothing if you overuse gain_fame and gain_exp. You're mostly stuck with wishing for gold and equipment.
  • You don't always get exactly what you wish for.
  • Being in wizard mode changes your alias to "*Debug*"
  • Your character is ineligible for gene transference if wizard mode is activated (you cannot continue playing with an heir).


Main article: Wishing

You'd never waste a wish in a normal game. However, in wizard mode, you can press F5 to make any number of wishes.

If you are hungry, trave creates a cargo of travelers food, stoma creates a stomafillia, cheese creates a hero cheese, which raises HP, and magic fr gets you a magic fruit, which raises MP. If you feel like cooking something, try wishing for oven, kitchen, food machine, food processor, or stove.

If you want money, use gold for a level dependent amount of gold. platinum creates five platinum coins and platin creates 8-12 platinum coins. medal creates 3-5 small medals (note that medals is not parsed in any special way will only create a single small medal.

If you need to buy a deed, use ranch, farm, shop, museum, storage house, or dungeon. Wishing for deed results in a deed of cozy house and there is no currently known way to wish for any other house.

Wish spammingEdit

If you need to repeat a wish many times, open up a text editor and write your wish there but also include a second line, which should be left blank. For example:

long sword

Highlight and copy the text (Edit -> Copy, or ctrl+c), including the second line.

Go back to Elona and hold down the ctrl and F5 keys. Now press v, which pastes (ctrl+v) what you had copied. The game treats the newline as enter, so the wish is made without having to do anything. Hold down v, ctrl, and F5 until you have enough of what you wanted.

Special actionsEdit

Main article: Special action

Using gain_spact will give you every special action in the game, including those used by monsters (but not Riding, which you need the Riding skill for, or Pickpocket, which you need the Pickpocket skill for).

Some sample skills:

  • Mewmewmew!: This causes 9999999 damage to (It's seven 9's) everyone on the current map. Great if you want to burn down cities without any resistance at all. (although, if you really want to burn a city down, try constantly casting fire wall into a room for about 20 turns and it should fuel a city-crushing fire!) Note that this will also kill your pet. Some may survive the attack with contingency.
  • Death word: Kills the target 20 turns later.
  • Suicide attack: Same as what a Kamikaze Yeek uses.
  • Pregnant: Inserts a vicious ALIEN into the target. It will rip out of them within 1500 turns.

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