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Icon-will.gif Will, or willpower, influences your maximum HP (but only slightly, see the HP article for the formula), MP (somewhat more, see the MP article for the formula), and SP (1 SP for every 5 Will).

As of latest version of Elona+, it is part of the multiplier for melee damage.

It is the dominant attribute for most healing spells. This means higher Will will cause your spells to heal for more dice worth of HPs. Because of this, Will is the primary attribute of "Cleric-type" characters.

Higher Will makes you tougher and better capable of support magic. It also affects Holy Light, Vanquish Hex, and all healing spells, but has no effect on the other buffs, including Holy Veil.

Will is trainable through use of skills or special actions that depend upon Will, but it may be easier to train through food. None of Will's skills are spammable without some setup. Vegetables, especially the common healthy leaf and edible wild plant, train Will, especially when Cooking is employed.

Riding is spammable for training Will with some setup time, as launching ranged attacks with either a weapon too weak to kill or upon dividing creatures like bubbles from behind an obstacle.

Magic Capacity is spammable for those with a high enough Magic Capacity already to not be in terrible danger from purposefully driving into negative MP scores, as well, but even then, you will be consuming large amounts of spell stock trying.

An increase in Will triggers the message "<character>'s will hardens."

A decrease in Will triggers the message "<character>'s will softens."

Skills that train Will[]

Corpses that train Will[]

  • Ghosts, such as the nymph. ("This food is good for your willpower." appears when eaten.)

Elona Mobile[]

See the Stats (mobile) page.