Elona Wiki

Short Description[]

The wilderness is any local map accessible from the world map by hitting Enter or > on a square not occupied by a village/city/other landmarks. It is randomly generated, so any items left in it will be gone forever if you leave the map. "I want it!" quests will often require a junk item obtainable from the wilderness.

You can be forced to enter the wilderness due to random ambushes, wandering traders, or rogue boss encounters. The very edge of a wilderness map is also an ideal place to read spellbooks that might be too difficult for you -- if any monsters are generated, you can easily escape, and the creatures will be deleted from existence.

Items in Wilderness[]


  • healthy leaf (never rots, considered a vegetable)
  • api nut (never rots, considered a candy)
  • edible wild plant (considered a vegetable)
  • chestnut (Elona+ only; never rots, considered a candy and can also be thrown to cause bleeding, but may summon a high-level NPC eventually)

Junk items


  • dead tree (20.0s, stealable if at 40 STR)
  • tree of zelkova (28.0s)
  • tree of ash (28.0s)
  • tree of cedar (38.0s)
  • tree of palm (39.0s)
  • tree of beech (45.0s)
  • tree of fruits (42.0s, can be bashed to get fruits)
  • tree of naked (14.0s, only found in snowy regions; good to train pickpocketing early on, with 28 STR)
  • tree of fir (28.0s, only found in snowy regions)