There are a multitude of weapons to choose from in Elona. These are categorized into a number of archetypes which all have an individual skill that effects performance with that kind of weapon. Classes start out with different skills, but all skills can be learned at specific trainers.

See weapon stats for a general comparison of weapon statistics and unique abilities. See equipment attributes for the various bonuses and curses that can be present on equipment, weapons included.

More information on ranged weapons can be found here.

There are various special weapons, called precious weapons, in Elona. A list of such weapons can be found here.

List of weapons by proficiency[edit | edit source]

Base weights are listed as leather (and raw), to match easily with the equipment section.

Icon-strength.gif Long Sword[edit | edit source]

Claymore.png Claymore (4.0)
I431-Katana.png Katana (1.2)
Long sword.png Long Sword (1.5)
Lightsabre.png Lightsabre (0,6)
Fleure.png Fleure (E+)

Icon-strength.gif Axe[edit | edit source]

Bardiche.png Bardish (3.5)
Battle axe.png Battle Axe (3.7)
Hand axe.png Hand Axe (0.9)
Tomahawk.png Tomahawk (E+)
I676-NegativeEdge.png Chainsaw (E+)

Icon-strength.gif Scythe[edit | edit source]

Scythe sickle.png Scythe (4.0)
Scythe sickle.png Sickle (1.4)
I930-chainsickle.png Chainsickle (2.1) (E+)
Bone scythe.png Bone Scythe (E+)
Scissors.png Scissors (E+)

Icon-constitution.gif Blunt[edit | edit source]

Club.png Club (1.0)
Hammer.png Hammer (4.2)
I929-Sox.png Sox (0.6) (E+)
E Starhammer.png Star Hammer (E+)
Warhammer.png Warhammer (E+)

Icon-constitution.gif Stave[edit | edit source]

Long staff.png Long Staff (0.8)
Staff.png Staff (0.9)
I928-Whip.png Whip (0.9) (E+)
E shakujo.png Shakujo (E+)
E nunchaku.png Nunchaku (E+)

Icon-constitution.gif Polearm[edit | edit source]

Halberd.png Halberd (3.8)
Spear.png Spear (2.5)
Trident.png Trident (1.8)
Lance.png Lance (E+)
Drill.png Drill (E+)

Icon-dexterity.gif Short Sword[edit | edit source]

Dagger.png Dagger (0.6)
Scimitar.png Scimitar (0.9)
I432-Wakizashi.png Wakizashi (0.7)
Kitchenknife.png Kitchen Knife (0.4)
Kunai.png Kunai (E+)

Icon-dexterity.gif Bow[edit | edit source]

Bow.png Long Bow (1.2)
Bow.png Short Bow (0.8)
Skull Bow.png Skull Bow (~0.7)
E bladebow.png Blade Bow (E+)
Arrow bolt.png Arrow (ammo) (1.2)

Icon-dexterity.gif Crossbow[edit | edit source]

Crossbow.png Crossbow (2.8)
I595-Repeating Bow.png Repeating bow (3.0) (E+)
I927-Ballista.png Ballista (18.0) (E+)
E+crossfire.png Crossfire (E+)
Arrow bolt.png Bolt (ammo) (3.5)

Icon-dexterity.gif Throwing[edit | edit source]

Thrown weapons do not use any ammunition, instead requiring that your ammo slot remains empty.
Stone.pngStone (Stones always weight 2, no matter the material)
Grenade.pngGrenade (0.8)
Panties.pngPanties (0.5)
Shuriken.pngShuriken (0.4)
Rock-eplus.png Rock (25.0) (E+)

Icon-perception.gif Firearm[edit | edit source]

I520-Laser gun.pngLaser Gun (1.2)
I547-Machine gun.pngMachine Gun (1.8)
I419-Pistol.pngPistol (0.8)
I514-Shotgun.pngShotgun (1.5)
I710-SniperRifle.png Sniper Rifle  (2.0)( (E+)
Gemini.png Gun Pair (E+)
Bullet.PNGBullet (ammo) (2.4)
Energy cell.PNGCell (ammo) (0.8)
Bullet.PNGMagnum (ammo) (3.0) (E+)

Differences in Elona+[edit | edit source]

Changed in 1.15: Weapons and armor typically have an innate bonus based on their specific type. This does not apply to unique versions of these weapons. However, new living weapons do get the bonus. Weapon types that already had a bonus remain unchanged, but are still included in the chart below.
Added in 1.29: Sniper Rifle, Repeating Bow (a crossbow) and Rock (a considerably bigger throwing Stone).
Added in 1.31R: Chainsickle, whip, sox, and ballista.
Added in 1.36: Magnum ammo, have the same icon of regular bullets.
Added in 1.88: Kunai (a short sword), Fluere (a long sword), Drill (a polearm), Lance (a polearm), Tomahawk (an axe that can be thrown with throwing weapon range effectiveness), Chain saw (an axe), Scissors (a scythe), Bone Scythe (a scythe), war hammer (a blunt weapon), star hammer (a blunt weapon), shakujo (a staff), nunchaku (a staff), crossfire (a crossbow), and gun pair (firearms)

Classification Type Bonus Enchantment

Long Sword

Katana Greater Evasion [##] (+6)
Long sword Tactics [##] (+6)
Claymore Endurance +5
Fleure Deals lightning damage
Lightsabre Darkness resistance [##] (+50)


Hand Axe Shield [##] (+6)
Battle Axe Tactics [##] (+6)
Bardish Weightlifting [##] (+6)
Chainsaw Invokes piercing attack [##]
Scythe Bone Scythe Invokes decapitation [###]
Scissors Strength +5
Scythe Invokes decapitation [###]
Sickle Invokes decapitation [###]
Chainsickle Enables Distant Attack


Club Strength +5
Hammer Negates fear
Sox Deals nerve damage [#####+]
Star Hammer Enables Distant Attack
Warhammer Tactics [##]
Polearm Drill Mining [##]
Halberd Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Lance Riding [##]
Spear Invokes piercing attack [##]
Trident Two Hand [##] (+6)


Long Staff Magic Device [##] (+6)
Nunchaku Increased chance of melee attack [##]
Shakujo Faith [##]
Staff Meditation [##] (+6)
Whip Enables Distant Attack

Short Sword

Dagger Lock Picking [##] (+6)
Kunai Stealth [#] & Detection [#]
Scimitar Swimming [##] (+6)
Wakizashi Stealth [##] (+8)
Kitchen Knife Anatomy [##] (+8)
Bow Blade Bow Adds a proximity assist [##]
Long Bow Dexterity +5
Short Bow Evasion [##] (+6)
Skull Bow Nether resistance [##] (+50)


Crossbow Greater Evasion [##] (+6)
Crossfire Deals fire damage [##]
Repeating Bow Deals poison damage [##]
Ballista Heavy Armor [##] (+6)


Stone Will +7
Grenade Invokes grenade [###]
Panties Deals mind damage [#####+]
Rock Will +5
Shuriken Deals cut damage [##]
Tomahawk Throwing Skill [##]
Firearm Gun Pair Adds a proximity assist [##]
Laser Gun Perception +5
Machine Gun Heavy Armor [##] (+6)
Pistol Sound resistance [##] (+50)
Shotgun Critical hit bonus [###]
Sniper Rifle Invokes decapitation [##]

Ammo types

Arrow Nothing

Omake Overhaul[edit | edit source]

Each weapon now deals more damage to specific enemies

For specific characters piercing rate is increased by 20%.

On the other hand, piercing rate is now decreased by 20% for specific characters. If piercing rate goes into the negatives, damage equal to the value of percentage in the negatives will be nullified.

Type Effectiveness
Firearms It is ineffective against undeads.
Throwing It is effective against floating enemies.
Polearms It is effective against enemies slower than you.
It is ineffective against enemies faster than you.
Axes It is effective against enemies without any armor.
Maces It is effective against enemies wearing heavy armor.
It is effective against hermit crabs.
It is effective against golems.
It is ineffective against slimes.
Martial Arts It is ineffective against slimes.
Bows It is effective against enemies without a ranged weapon.
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