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ヴェルニース Veruniisu
You see Vernis. The mining town is full of liveliness.
Region North Tyris
Location (26,23)
Music mcTown1
Filename vernis.map

Vernis as it appears in the map editor.


Vernis is the first town most adventurers will encounter, located just southeast of your starting cave. Note that if you enter this town, <Lomias> and <Larnniere> will leave your cave. You may encounter them later randomly in party time missions, or as bosses of The Void.

From Vernis, Derphy is to the southwest, Palmia is to the east, Port Kapul is all the way to the west, and Yowyn is to the southeast.

For visual directions, see the map of North Tyris.


  • Blacksmith
  • General Vendor
  • Magic Vendor
  • Innkeeper
  • Baker
  • Trader
  • Fisher


  • Identifier
  • Informer
  • Trainer
  • Bartender
  • Healer

Cooking Tools[]

Note: References to "Rank" are relevant only to Elona+ where they dictate the max tier food that can be cooked with them (useful for completing Cooking Jobs with ease). See Elona+ cooking update for more details.

  • Rank 6, at Elder's house, in NW section of map, NW of Blacksmith.
    • Sink
    • Kitchen
    • Kitchen Oven
  • Rank 7 & Rank 8, at Bakery, in southern section of map, East of Inn.
    • Oven (7)
    • Food Maker (8)

Notable NPC's[]

Elona Mobile[]

What's Unique in Mobile version?[]

  • You can harvest Flowers and herbs.
  • There are two Ore Piles (Requires Mining skill).
  • Dungeon: Slime Tunnel (Lv 1-3).
  • Dungeon: Unknown Land (Lv ?) - Talk to <Levythew> the foreman.
  • Dungeon: Animal Kingdom (Lv 1-3).
  • Dungeon: Puppy Cave (Lv 1-3).
  • See Town Achievements for town specific quests.
  • Talk to random 'miner' NPCs for a chance to go to the material gathering dungeon, Mysterious Cave.
  • Event dungeon: Subspace Gate.

Usable Equipment[]

  • Mana Furnace
  • Alchemy Tools Table
  • Anvil
  • Sewing Tool
  • Cooking Tool (Lv 4)
  • Grand Piano
  • Tax box
  • Electric scale
  • Altar to Opatos of Earth

Mobile NPC's[]

Side Quests in Mobile[]

See Quests (mobile) for details.

  • Quest “Retrieve Rai the maid”