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A map of Valm, showing the location of three hidden small medals.

You see a fishing village,Valm. Beautiful sea stertches[sic]. - Description of Valm on the world map.

Valm is located on the southern part of the continent, branching off the main road to the west.

The regular NPCs include citizens, fishermen, bounty hunters, and an elder. The neutral NPCs include beggars, old people, swimmers, and town children.

There is an altar located in the cave in the upper part of town. The altar does not regenerate when the town resets, nor does it appear in Panic! quests.

It uses track number 2 for it's music (mcTown2).


  • Innkeeper (Rank 14)
  • Trader (Rank 12)
  • Goods vendor (Rank 20)
  • Food vendor (Rank 10)


  • Trainer: Teaches Carpentry, Lock Picking, Detection, Magic Device, Performer, and Swimming.
  • Inn
  • Wizard
  • Informer
  • Altar: <Ehekatl of Luck>

Notable NPC's[]

  • <Snail> thr android rider: This guy has an obvious spelling error in his name, but despite that, is the highest level neutral NPC in South Tyris by far. Don't attack him unless you can kill any 2 bosses in South Tyris at once.
  • <Reconciled cleaner>: An unexpectedly male character, he is pretty high level. He has no quest or other purpose right now.
  • <Ratin> the fighter reporter: If you are a fighter's guild member, Ratin will allow you to finish and get guild tasks in South Tyris. However, he will not offer to let you join the guild if you don't already have membership.
  • <Leiki>: He is a reference to the turtle in the tale of Urashima Tarō. He will take you on the Companion of princess level 1 quest, causing you to leave Valm and head to the Deep-sea castle.