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Some items have a special function when used with the t key. All of those can be bought from general goods vendors or found in dungeons, otherwise noted. Items with charges can be recharged using Fill Charge special action or scroll of recharge.


Gene machine: Weighs 25.0s. Used to fuse allies together, giving them more skills and body parts. Rewarded for completing the Ambitious Scientist quest, or rarely found in dungeons.


Whistle: Weighs 0.0s. Blowing a whistle will awaken any sleeping NPCs nearby, with no karma loss. This is a very useful item as nearly all townspeople sleep during the night. However, waking up an NPC has a chance to cause them to become aggressive ("can no longer put up with it") -- it does not matter if they can see you or not. In Omake Overhaul, it may fail based on relative level of the user and listener, and the user's Charisma.


Stethoscope: Weighs 0.2s. Using a stethoscope on a pet will allow you to watch its health. Further, in Elona+, the health bar will be magenta (formerly brown) if the pet is full and blue if the pet is hungry, and in versions after 1.19 their invoke bar will be visible. Even if the stethoscope is dropped or the pet is killed, the effect will remain. Can be cancelled by using it again.


Leash: Weighs 1.2s. Using a leash on a pet will cause it to teleport back to you should it stray too far from your side. This is especially useful if you would like to flee or heal but your pets keep running off to fight. Even if the leash is dropped or the pet is killed and revived, the effect will remain. Non-pets can break leashes but do not always, but non-hostile non-pets will consider it an attack and give you -2 karma if you successfully drag them. You can also leash yourself, though it doesn't do anything. Using the leash again on a leashed pet will unleash it.


Torch: Weighs 0.1s. Brightens dark areas outside of sight radius when used. Does not expire.


Disguise set: Weighs 3.5s. Casts Incognito on you for a few turns when you use it. Has a maximum of seven charges, and can be recharged. Very useful if you want to learn specific skills from guild trainers without being a member, or when speaking to people when you're a criminal.


Unicorn horn: Weighs 2.0s. Using a unicorn horn removes insanity from you and those around you, and subtracts 50 sanity from your total. The horn is consumed in the process. A unicorn horn can always be found in the magic store in Lumiest and can be used even without being picked up. Not found in general vendors. Souvenir vendor sometimes sells it for 400000 (before negotiation reduction) gp.


Fishing pole: Weighs 2.4s. To be mixed B with bait first, then use it near a water tile. Can also be found in the bait shop in Vernis, but you'll have to pickpocket it.


Shelter: Weighs 12.5s. Once deployed, this portable shelter will protect you from bad weather (such as Etherwind) and time goes faster until the weather improves.

House board: Weighs 1.2s. Using this item in your home opens a menu with many options, and also displays in your message log the current/maximum number of items placed on the ground.
Register: Weighs 20.0s. Same as house board, but can also be used in your museum, shop and ranch for more options. Furniture vendors at the Embassy always sell this.
handful of snow: Weighs 0.03s. If you have at least 5 of those, you can use them to make a snow man (furniture item) of random quality and material. You can grab snow on any snow tile in Noyel, at the expense of 10 stamina.
Garok's hammer: Weighs 5.0s. Turns any non-artifact equipment into an artifact, retaining its previous attributes and adding random new ones. In Elona+, cost of the hammer has been halved and it gives a fixed, always positive attribute. Obtainable from Miral and Garok's Workshop.
Elona+ exclusive items

Tamer's whip: Weighs 1.2s. Can be used on pets to prevent them from picking up ores, gold and food from the ground. Whipping them again cancels the effect. Present in regular Elona, but unimplemented and not found in stores.


Command flag: Weighs 0.4s. Can be used to toggle attack/defense/intercept mode and special ammo used from all pets in sight, including any you are riding.

I971-Nine god sign.png

Nine god sign: Weighs 0.1s. Shows your current/maximum favor with your God and whether or not you can pray. Automatically receive one after converting to any God.


Insight lens: Weighs 1.0s. Allows you to view the character sheet of an adjacent target. Can only be used once.


Taktstock: Weighs 0.1s. When used it causes all allies in view and not under any status effects to gain 1~5% Gauge.


Duel Glove: Weighs 0.2s. It is consumed when thrown. Starts a duel with anyone; killing the opponent this way incurs no karma loss, and he'll always drop his figurine, card, and any artifact he's carrying.

I45-Juke box.png

Juke box: Weighs 16.0s. Changes the background music of any level. Obtainable from Miral and Garok's Workshop.

4-dimensional mirror: Weighs 9.0s. Same effect as level 35 4-dimensional pocket spell on using.
First aid kit.png
First aid kit: Weighs 3.2s. Restores health and reduces status effects by 87.5% from an adjacent target (can also be used on yourself). It can be crafted using a pot for fusion.
Ammo box.png
Special ammos box: Weighs 8.0s. Replenishes every stock of special ammo (except time stop ammo) of an adjacent target (can also be used on yourself). It can also be crafted at a pot for fusion.
Panzerfaust X.png
Panzerfaust X: Weighs 12.9s. Fires a powerful rocket against a single target. Has a maximum of 2 charges, and can be recharged.

Deals rnd(50) + Perception * 2 + Marksman^2 / 40 damage to single target, with minimum of 5.

If target has cArmour bit flag, damage is multiplied by 4.

If target has cMetal bit flag, damage is multiplied by 10.

M202 special.png
M202 special: Weighs 12.07s. Fires an incendiary rocket, dealing fire damage and setting on fire a 7x7 area. Has a maximum of 4 charges, and can be recharged.

Damage scales with fire resistance, constitution and marksman skill. Rocket also applies Elemental Scar debuff with duration of 5 and spellpower of 500.

Atomic launcher.png
Atomic launcher: Weighs 65.0s. Fires a rocket that nukes a large area. Obtainable through pot for fusion only.

Deals 1000 + (Carpentry + 50) / 5 * limit(Disarm_Trap + 50, 50, 1000) + Jeweler^2 / 40 damage to anybody caught in area.

Elements Eyes: Weighs 1.4s. Changes the element of Variable Breath and Variable Storm. Affects PC and pets. Obtainable from Miral and Garok's Workshop for 35 small medals.
Present: Weighs 0.5s. It is not consumed when thrown. Deals chaos damage to enemies, and restores HP to allies.
Bio printer: Weighs 5.0s. It can be used on an adjacent target to create its figure or generic corpse, without killing him. Using it on a neutral NPC will make him hostile; if used on pets it will lower their impress level towards you.
craft repair kit: Weighs 3.5s. Maximize stats of any equipment (always limited by their quality and material)
stardust: Weighs 2.0s. Attempting to pick up a copy of an artifact you already own will cause it to turn into stardust, which can be used to increase enchantment level of any artifact by 1. Unlike enchant scrolls and blacksmith treatment, stardust can enchant beyond +10 (up to +15).
<Harakiri>: Weighs 0.3s. Randomly generated, and has a rare-loot trigger and a 1/30 chance of dropping from kamikaze samurai.

If used, you will commit seppuku, dropping HP to 1/8 and causing bleed. All characters in sight will then cease to be in combat. NPCs that were not originally hostile (e.g. guards and guildmasters) will no longer be hostile, hostile NPCs will overlook you for 15-50 turns, and ends duels. Using it during those turns in sight of the same NPCs/pets, will cause them to execute you.

Other utility items sorted by use[]