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One thing that I've overlooked for a long time in Elona+ was the usefulness of equipment qualities. Higher quality items not only have more attributes, but also higher stats - damage, hit bonus, and DV/PV. (Also to keep in mind: Even if you reroll multiple times the same material on the same equip, you'll usually get different stats everytime.  For example, a good diamond sniper rifle may have its stats anywhere between 1d46 and 1d55, as shown below.)

In order to further emphasize the difference between qualities, I made some tables to show the worst and best result you may get from rerolling the same material on the same item type, but each one with a different quality.

The first table shows weapons' worst and best rerolls given the Diamond material, one of the best materials in terms of damage and it's also fairly easy to get it with scrolls of superior material (30%) or alternatively with blessed scrolls of change material (10%). For the perfectionists, Ether has the highest damage, and its results are shown in the last column.

Equip / Quality Good Great Miracle/Godly Miracle/Godly (Ether)
Sniper Rifle









Cell Ammo









Magnum Ammo


















Next about light armors. In my opinion, the best material that should be used for light armors is Griffon Scale, since it provides the highest DV/PV balanced amount while being very lightweight at the same time. (I've also noticed that Griffon Scale items have higher DV/PV than Dragon Scale ones - despite the latter material being much more difficult to acquire.) 

Equip / Quality Good Great Miracle/Godly
Magic Hat







Bulletproof Vest







Light Gloves

(4,0) [5,5]

(4,0) [7,7]

(5,0) [6,6]

(6,0) [8,8]

(4,0) [11,7]

(7,0) [12,11]

At last, heavy armors. Again, Diamond has high PV and it's easily accessible; people that have a lot of gold to dump on scrolls of superior material may attempt to get Adamantium instead, the highest PV provider. (results are shown in the last column). 

Equip / Quality Good           Great          Miracle/Godly Miracle/Godly (Adam)
Composite Helm









Plate Mail









Plate Gauntlets

(4,3) [2,16]

(5,4) [2,19]

(5,4) [2,19]

(6,5) [3,27]

(6,5) [3,25]

(9,7) [5,36]

(3,7)   [2,39]

(4,10) [4,44]

The difference between qualities alone is huge - Miracle/Godly equipment have almost twice as powerful stats compared to Good equipment made of the same material. That's why reading scrolls of superior materials on the equipment you're currently holding is not enough: if you want to have the best gear, you must seek high quality equipment first.

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