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Hello there~

RL has been really busy lately, still not done with college plus some drama with my former workplace, so I haven't played Elona for a long time. Added to that is that I seem to have lost my savefiles *again* after I changed to my current computer, hopefully my old files may still be somewhere in the old one.

Seems like I might get some vacations after September, so I may catch up with the newest versions. Reading some of the changelogs there's seems to have been lots of bug fixes, new mechanics and advancement of the storyline, not to mention Anna's fabulous Elona Custom, which I still have to check out.

BTW, what's this about Elona getting a Steam release? Saw something about that in one of the forum posts and Noa's page. Don't know about you, but seems like a terrible idea given the use of doujin graphics and Elona's brand of humor that very likely won't fly with mainstream audiences.

P.S: I totally quoted Terminator in the title.

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