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It's been a long time, no? ^^;

Some heavy stuff's happened IRL. Daily life has become harsher to be honest; I never it commented it before but I'm currently living in Venezuela, and conditions are worsening by the day, not helped by how hard it's to find meaningful jobs nowdays, and how little they all pay regardless of station. Hopefully I'll be able to move out soon enough!

My old laptop broke, and with it my old Elona+ savefiles (I had reached Lost Irva and everything...) so I hadn't been playing for months; just this last month I retook the game and I'm kinda getting overwhelmed by all the latest version changes @_@ 

I loved the addition of sub-bosses to Lesimas though~

I've also noticed some guides and articles I wrote before are either heavily outdated or use wrongful information. I'll be fixing those soon! Well, while my internet is stable at least...

Anyways, it's nice to be back again~