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Level {{{level}}} [[{{{race}}}]]
Icon-strength.gif Strength {{{str}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Constitution {{{con}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Dexterity {{{dex}}} (
Icon-perception.gif Perception {{{per}}} (
Icon-learning.gif Learning {{{lea}}} (
Icon-will.gif Will {{{wil}}} (
Icon-magic.gif Magic {{{mag}}} (
Icon-charisma.gif Charisma {{{cha}}} (
Life: {{{life}}}
Mana: {{{mana}}}
Speed: {{{speed}}}
Icon-constitution.gif Healing {{{healing}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Shield {{{shield}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Heavy Armor {{{heavyarmor}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Medium Armor {{{mediumarmor}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Light Armor {{{lightarmor}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Evasion {{{evasion}}} (
Icon-perception.gif Stealth {{{stealth}}} (
Icon-will.gif Faith {{{faith}}} (
Icon-magic.gif Meditation {{{meditation}}} (
Weapon Proficiencies
Icon-strength.gif Long Sword {{{longsword}}} (
Icon-strength.gif Axe {{{axe}}} (
Icon-strength.gif Martial Arts {{{martialarts}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Scythe {{{scythe}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Blunt {{{blunt}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Polearm {{{polearm}}} (
Icon-constitution.gif Stave {{{stave}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Short Sword {{{shortsword}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Bow {{{bow}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Crossbow {{{crossbow}}} (
Icon-dexterity.gif Throwing {{{throwing}}} (


NPC Level Bonus
Normal Resists (no magic)
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NPC Level Bonus (Elona+)
Normal Resists (no magic)
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Magic Resist
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This is a slightly modified version of CorakTM's stat box. I've edited it to include HP, MP, INI, split skills and weapon profs, as well as reorganizing the stats and changing a few of their icons. Now with a section for AI based on the new AI Box.

Still working on it, although this version should work for testing.

Example page here.


<!-- type anything in hp, mp, and ini to make them appear -->

<!-- skills with no value should not appear unless they are ubiquitous -->


<!-- these refer to innate resistances now, such as a skeleton being weak to fire and resisting darkness, normal reses are done automatically -->

<!-- none of these will show up unless something is entered -->

<!-- put "plus" in to use the Elona+ icons for stats, or leave it empty to use base Elona icons. -->
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