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Elona main story synopsis

This is a direct rip off the Internet archive of old forums, about Elona's main story.

[1]by sssssz on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:24 am

While I was perusing Elona fansites in Korean Intertubes, I came across a translation of a Japanese synopsis of Elona's main story. Seeing as how this is a lost content from translation, I figured it would satisfy some people's curiosities to translate it to English. I'm aware (as you should be!) that this is a translation of a translation, so some points may have been misinterpreted... But, in any case, I've used multiple references to make this translation. Should be pretty good. :p

The setting of the story is a world named Irva. After the rise and collapse of civilizations, it has arrived at its eleventh era, Sierre Terre. It is said to be the most creative – and also destructive – age Irva has seen.

After a month of torrents, the eastern continent has been taken over by uninhabitable forests – a phenomenon that has not been seen before. While the easterners were seeking refuge in North Tyris (the continent in which the game takes place), the prince of Zanan – one of the nations of the west – made the claim that this disaster is what destroyed Rehm Solenoid, the tenth era. Therefore, the people of the forest should be denied hospitality.

The formal name of the forests is the Vindale Forest and its inhabitants are called Elea. The conflict over the Vindale Forest did not stop to grow and its destruction seemed, at the moment, inevitable.

While all of this was happening, the protagonist of the story (you!) stowed away on Queen Sedona. However, etherwinds managed to sink the ship – leaving you floating the waters, unconscious. When you regain consciousness, you find yourself in a cave along with a man and a woman. The strangers identify themselves as Elea, the people of the forests. The man introduces himself as Lomias; the woman as Lanneire. Lomias teaches you how to survive in North Tyris. After that, as their function as messengers, Lomias and Lanneire take off to the palace in Palmia.

(The following is the storyline unfolded in the Japanese version, absent in the English translation.)

Once you arrive at Vernis, a soldier of Zanan tells you at entrance that the crown prince of Zanan himself has visited the city. In the city square, some albino – Saimore, the Crown Prince – is delivering a speech. He claims: the Vindale Forest and the Elea are attempting to resurrect the Messera – the disastrous entity named the Star-Eating Giant that destroyed Rehm-Ido, the era preceding Sierre Terre, considered to be the source of the Vindale Forest's expansion and the etherwinds. So far in history, the great nations of Irva have warred with each other. But now, all nations must embrace each other if Irva hopes to destroy the Vindale Forest and the Elea and survive another apocalypse. Finally, Saimore demands that the insignificant nation of Palmia should support this alliance of great empires.

When you are about to leave Vernis, the drunkard Zananese lieutenant Loyter, the Crimson of Zanan, learns that his soldiers discovered his once-rival Bethel, the White Eagle of Zanan... now titled Whom Dwell in Vanity. Bethel cries that he would rather rot in prison than talk to Loyter – and Loyter fulfills Bethel's wish.

In any case, you (for -some- reason) enter Lesimas, a Nefian ruin nearby Vernis...

By then, the news of Bethel's arrest in Vernis reaches the ears of Saimore. He tells the messenger not to do anything to Bethel without his orders... and mumbles that how ironic it is to find Bethel at this moment. On the other hand, Barius, one of Saimore's advisors, asks what he expects of Bethel. Saimore's answer is that, though he expects nothing out of him, he wants Bethel to become an audience of the comedy that shall soon consume Irva.

You reach the third floor of Lesimas, only to find a heavily wounded man. He identifies himself as a Palmian scout who has been searching the ruins and tells you that, in order to stop the clash of the great empires and the threat posed against Sierre Terre, his letter to King Xabi must be delivered. After the scout's death, you find it unable to procede any further – so you head to Palmia as asked.

By the time you arrive at Palmia, King Xabi is hearing Lanneire and Lomias. To Lanneire's appeal for aid, Xabi answers that Palmia exists to balance the empires. If Palmia were to oppose Saimore, whose claims are becoming more and more popular across Irva, they will make enemy of the world. Thus, without Palmia, Irva will inevitably devolve into a world war among the great empires. For this reason, Xabi denies the Elea aid.

Lanneire refutes Xabi's argument: will Xabi sacrifice the Elea for the sake of makeshift “peace”? However, Barius intervenes. He states that, even though the Elea refer to themselves as innocent and harmless, the etherwinds from the Vindale Forest are wrecking havoc across the world. Furthermore, Barius demands that the reason behind Vindale Forest's unusual expansion should be investigated. Of course, Lanneire denies that there is no such thing as Messera – but Xabi ignores her comments. He excuses Lanneire from the audience, saying that he will listen to her the day after.

Saimore reiterates to King Xabi that the Vindale Forest hosts Messera. And, even if this does not turn out to be true, the forests will continue to expand and take over all habitable lands. For these reasons, Saimore demands custody of Lanneire. Xabi asks: does Saimore not want Lanneire, because she knows the truth? Saimore's reply is that he has his reasons. In the end, Xabi denies Saimore's request, reason being that Lanneire is a distinguished guest from another nation. Furthermore, Xabi states that Palmia will not be concerned with the Vindale Forest crisis.

Left by himself, Saimore mumbles that Lanneire resembles “her”... Barius adds that, with the reintroduction of the White Eagle, it is certain that the Wheel of Fate has begun to turn. Saimore says that he does not believe in such a thing as fate, but he of course welcomes how they lavishly adorn the stage for him. He says that Bethel and Lanneire shall play the roles that he deems appropriate.

Once you deliver the letter to King Xabi, you are asked to talk to the royal librarian if you wish to work for Palmia. Upon talking to Erystia, the royal librarian and the head researcher of Lesimas, you receive the following information:

Lesimas – the ruins to which King Zasim, one of Palmia's three Greats, and his cousin Zeome personally ventured for the purpose of attaining the treasure at its bottommost floor. However, only Zasim returned from the adventure. The king told his agents that the treasure must lay asleep in eternal darkness and its chamber shall be foreverl sealed... and that Zeome will never return. Thus, the heart of Lesimas was magically sealed. The key to the seal had its magical property obscured and was split into three, each of which were given to the three evil ones of North Tyris.

Erystia gives you a mission: you are to find out the fate of Karam, the Lonely Wolf of Karune, who was to explore the depths of Lesimas. His reports from the ruins has ceased for weeks now and that the last one was from the sixteenth floor of Lesimas.

About the time you leave Palmia, Lanneire and Lomias are looking for a woman named Liana from the Palmia tavern. According to Xabi's comments, Liana will protect anyone from harm with the right price. However, Bethel had gotten to Liana first. Seeing how gloriously drug- and alcohol-addled Bethel is, Lomias attempts to leave the scene – Apparently, he despises the idea of accompaning an addict. But the tavern has been surrounded by uncertain figures! With force, Bethel takes Lanneire and Lomias and escapes the tavern.

Once you have gotten past the third floor of Lesimas, Lanneire confronts the crime lord, Sevilis, in Derphy. Remembering Xabi's advice that Sevilis can be trusted in times of danger, Lomias asks Sevilis to help them find out who it is that made the attempt at their lives. With a gander at Lanneire and Bethel, Sevilis certifies that it must have been Zanan. Here, though Bethel has never met Sevilis before, Sevilis treats Bethel as if they've known each other all along... Finding this strange, Bethel comments on it; Sevilis brushes it off like nothing.

It turns out that Sevilis was in league with Saimore all along – he locks up Lanneire's party for the purpose of trading prisoners with Barius. Lanneire questions Sevilis if he has turned his back to Palmia, but he ensures her that no harm will come to her. Upon meeting with Barius, it turns out that one of Sevilis' men has been captured by Barius. At the end of the deal, Barius mysteriously tells Sevilis – “your survival will be a secret to him.”

While you explore the depths of Lesimas, Saimore summons Lanneire to his chamber. He says that he just wanted someone to talk to. Lanneire coldly denies company, saying that there can be no understanding between her and Saimore, who is falsely accusing the Vindale Forest and the Elea of evil. Surprisingly, Saimore admits that it is all a lie. The truth is that the Vindale Forest have become activated, sensing Messera's resurrection, and the etherwinds are the only weapons against Messera. Saimore requests Lanneire to hear his story before revealing the truth of the Forest.

Long ago, Zanan had two crown princes. Saimore was the second – weak, ugly and pale. The first crown prince, Clyne, was healthy, beautiful and strong, like sun to Saimore's shadow. Unlike Clyne, who was interested in the arts of combat and war, Saimore was devoted to charity and kindness. His study on evils of the world brought his attention to the Vindale Forest and the Elea, who were despised by the rest of the world. In the seeming unhealth of the forests, Saimore saw himself. He believed that, if he can find a way for the peaceful coexistence between the Elea and the other peoples possible, perhaps Saimore himself will find his place in the world. But his searches were in vain and time kept passing. Saimore could not accept a world where the strong crushes the weak. Similarly, he could not accept that an albino like himself should be dominated by his strong brother. He grew to hate the world.

But, one day, Saimore met “her”. She was an Elea of a similar age. What he admired the most in her was that she was living strong in Zanan, where the prejudice against the Elea was the strongest. In a way, Saimore saw her as a fountain of inner strength. But in the end, she left Saimore with nothing but scars in his heart.

Saimore ends his recount here, saying that they have more than enough time to kill.

You pay no attention to all this happening above the ground – you are too busy exploring Lesimas. In the outside world, Lomias and Sevilis have a talk at a Derphy bar. Sevilis says: Lanneire's imprisonment is not by Zanan, but Saimore himself, and Saimore will soon let go of Lanneire. But under one condition: in the conference of nations that will take place in Palmia, Lanneire and Lomias will represent the Elea. Befuddled by this sudden favor, Lomias asks why – Sevilis just asks them to entertain Saimore for this once.

This still doesn't stop you from exploring Lesimas. As you go deeper, Saimore continues his life story with Lanneire as the lone audience:

Clyne died. The world knows that, during one of his mountainous adventures, he misstepped and fell off a cliff... but the truth is that it was Saimore who pushed him off a cliff. Killing his brother and grasping all of Zanan's power meant not only Clyne's death, but that of Saimore's soul also. He revolted against his long-held virtues of peace, compassion, charity and mercy, saying that all of these was nothing but an excuse for his pathetic state. Though he may have become the heir apparent of Zanan, the sense of inferiority persisted. Saimore could neither back off nor go further.

Once hearing Saimore's story, Lanneire admits that she can believe none of it... though she now understands why he became the person he is now. Surprised at the understanding of another Elea, Saimore entertains the thought that, if goodness truly exists in this world, perhaps they will meet again in another lifetime. But he also mentions that it is too late. Saimore now reveals the truth of the Vindale Forest to Lanneire:

The truth is that Messera, the “Star-Eating Giant”, is a virus. It is the end of all life that hopes to destroy it all. In Sierre Terre, Messera lies dormant in all lifeforms and environments and the only reason that life can persist is because of the Vindale Forests and its etherwinds. If the Vindale Forest is destroyed, then all life shall end in Irva.

And the destruction of the Vindale Forest is at hand. Saimore is hoping to find out how the world will react once it realizes its mistakes too late, once Messera reawakens. Lanneire calls Saimore out for dooming Irva for one man's problem. But Saimore claims that this is all comedic only because it -is- one man's problem. If Lanneire wishes to talk ideologies, it may be better to talk with Barius, who has different intentions than Saimore, says him.

Devoted to your cause, you keep spelunking your way into Lesimas. By this point, Lomias, Sevilis and Bethel are seeking audience with the queen... but, suddenly, Lanneire runs into the court, telling the group to abandon this place as quickly as possible. However, it is too late – King Xabi has been assassinated and the Lanneire's gang is held culprit. Though they know that Saimore is behind all this, they have no other option than to make the run for it and escape the scene.

You finally arrive at the seventeenth floor of Lesimas. You discover Karam, but he also is heavily wounded. At death's door, Karam tells what he has found out: it is Zeome who is guarding the secret treasure of Lesimas. Furthermore, Karam understands why Saimore would want the treasure – for the treasure is the Eye of the Eternal Darkness, the vanisher of all lies. If Saimore, who already has widespread support, wants this treasure, could it be because he doesn't want his lies to be seen through? If this is the case, then what is Saimore truly intending to do? Though he is aware of the terrible implications, Karam knows that he is unable to escape Lesimas in his current state. For this reason he asks you to deliver this information to Palmia as quickly as possible. And then, Karam relieves himself of the pain.

Once you return to Palmia, Lanneire's gang can be seen by outskirts of Vernis. According to Lomias, the rumor that a Vindale witch has murdered Xabi when he denied aid to the Elea has spread around the town. Sevilis suspects that Saimore will wage war against the Vindale Forest under the pretense of pursuing the so-called assassin. To this, Lomias complains: if hiding in the Vindale Forest won't stop the aggression against the Elea, then where can the Elea go? On the other hand, Lanneire states that they must return to the Vindale Forests, in order to warn the Elea of the coming invasion, no matter what Saimore really intends. But, first, they must raid Saimore's laboratory in order to find out more about the Vindale Forest's secret. If the Vindale Forest is the only weapon against Messera as Saimore claims, then there may yet be hope for the Elea. Additionally, Lanneire entertains the thought that Saimore is expecing her to take some action. In any case, Lanneire's group decides to head to Zanan, in order to find Saimore's laboratory.

You deliver Karam's final words to Erystia. Erystia explains that the Eye of the Eternal Darkness is the codex of all of Irva's true history. If Saimore wants this treasure in order to cover up his false claims, then he must be stopped. There is no time to mourn for King Xabi and Karam's death – you must fight the three evil ones and recreate the key to the final chamber.

Sevilis and Lanneire are talking on a boat toward Zanan. Lanneire apologizes to Sevilis for getting him involved in her mess and thanks him for providing the means to achieve their goal, but Sevilis answers that both Sevilis and Bethel are doing this for their own reasons. Lanneire comments that Bethel must be a kind person and a smile would complement his personality well – to this, Sevilis reminds her that there are people who just don't fit well within the world.

By the time you challenge the Tower of Fire and gain the Sage's Stone, Lanneire and Bethel talk in the dark of the night. In their conversation, Bethel tells Lanneire that she reminds him of Elishe. Lanneire remembers that name from somewhere before – so Bethel tells her his life story:

When the great empires were warring with each other, young Bethel, unsatisfied by the violence in the world, met Elishe in the port city of Altiheit. Elishe was an Elea – by the time Bethel met her, people claimed that she was the source of the disease being spread across ships. The rumors were vile enough that no orphanage would take her in. By the time Bethel knew what was going on, he was already holding Elishe's hands tight. The two of them had found a shelter in one of the warehouses and depended on each other like family. All this while, every week, someone would send them money, food and clothes. Whenever Bethel and Elishe asked the courier, they would only say that they were from the “Spirit of Altiheit”. What the Spirit of Altiheit sent them wasn't just food or money, it was hope itself – so remembers Bethel.

Your next challenge is the Crypt of the Damned. From here, you gain the Fool's Stone.

Bethel continues his life story: before coming to Altiheit, Bethel used to be a student of a military academy, whose method operandi mainly included using others as stepping stones. But sickness got to him; while he was off commission for two months, being nursed by his little sibling, the world has changed from him. Bethel thought that everyone looked on him with scorn and contempt. But that is only because he is judging himself by his own values. He tried to change himself, but the vicious past self would always laugh at his attempts and tempt him back to the academy. Tired of this self-treachery and fighting, Bethel runs away from his hometown. Elishe was not as beautiful as Lanneire, Bethel says, but her eyes were just like Lanneire's – compassionate, forgiving and embracing. For Bethel, Elishe becomes the reason to live on. To protect and provide for Elishe, Bethel learns to accept his ways and re-enter the competition in the military academy. Seven years after moving to Altiheit, Bethel becomes a lieutenant of Zanan.

Your last challenge lies in the Ancient Castle. You defeat Wynan, the Lord of the Ancient Castle and gain the Loser's Stone.

Bethel's story continues: One autumn day, on the way back from a play, Bethel and Elishe come across a fire at a noble's mansion. Elishe was worried that someone might still be stuck inside the house – but, suddenly, wooden support collapsed and fell on Elishe. Bethel tried to lift the support, but he could not do it alone. He sought for help, but nobody would step forward – Elishe was, after all, an Elea. Bethel could not find himself in a position to criticize them; had this happened to his rivals at the academy, he would do the exact same thing. In the end, the fire and the weight killed Elishe. When Bethel retrieved Elishe's burnt body, he wept – and froze in time.

You report back to Erystia, once you have collected the pieces of the key. She gives you one final mission – you are to claim the Eye of the Eternal Darkness from the bottom of Lesimas and foil Saimore's conspiracy. For your contributions so far, Erystia gives you Palmia Pride. Now, you dare yourself to challenge the final depth of Lesimas.

Around this time, Lanneire's gang arrive at Saimore's laboratory in Zanan. Barius has been waiting here, only to tell them that what they are seeking for will not be found here. Even if they did find a support for their case, nobody would listen to Elea. And, just to taunt them more, Barius reveals more truth behind the Vindale Forest:

Rehm-Ido was an age of coprosperity. Its civilizations were founded upon the virtues of compassion and brotherhood. However, there was a group of heretics that could not belong in this global community – the Yutas. Near the end of Rehm-Ido, a new substance was discovered from the saps of certain trees: Ether. Ether was environmentally friendly alchemical agent that transmuted various substances. Because the Yutas' merchants had ownership over vast territories, they became the most competent Star Harvesters – the term for ether-collectors, which was considered a holy work at the time. Through this work, the Yutas could find their place in the global community.

Nobody knows where Messera came from, but it was known that ether worked as an antibody to the virus. However, over-harvesting ether weakened the immune system of the forests. The result was the Messera infestation of the source of ether itself. The Yutas were aware that this could happen – but they were afraid that, if they slowed down the ether harvest, they would no longer be accepted by the world.

After infecting the ether trees, Messera spread across the world like storms of dandelion seeds, rendering Irva inhospitable to any life. The only refuge was within the primeval forests of the far east. People of the Rehm-Ido started to call this region Vindale – “Hope”. At the end of the mass extinction of all life and civilizations, a miracle happened: the Vindale woods produced a storm of ether – the first etherwinds. The storm washed across the continents, weakening Messera and rendering it dormant.

The Messera catastrophe concluded with the division of Irva into two biomes: the Vindale Forest, the source of the world's ether, and the lands outside the forest, where Messera was suppressed. This event nonetheless ended Rehm-Ido and allowed for the beginning of Sierre Terre. After ages, the peoples of Irva adapted to the biomes and split into those who can survive in the Vindale Forest and those who could not.

If the Vindale Forest is destroyed, Messera will be revived. Irva will die.

Hearing Barius' story, Lomias states: though the true meaning of the Vindale Forest in Irva has been explained, Barius' intentions cannot be understood. If this is a revenge to those who spited the Elea, what meaning is vengeance if nobody survives to witness it? But Barius says that this is no vengeance – this is a revolution. Life will always persist on Irva. Rehm-Ido may have been an ideal era, but even principles such as compassion and brotherhood alienated the Yutas. If Irva is to see an era where no people will suffer the fate of the Yutas, the dross must be burnt away – Messera will destroy the weak and the impure. This plan, unfortunately, requires the destruction of the Vindale Forest. Barius hopes that Lanneire's gang will eventually understand him.

Leaving the laboratory, the group sets off to the Vindale Forest. In the journey, Bethel asks Sevilis something he has always been thinking about: how does Sevilis know him? To answer this, Sevilis reveals that he is, in truth, Clyne, the crown prince who was murdered by Saimore. His story is as thus:

It was one girl from Altiheit who started it all. And the blonde lad who did not give into the pressure of others and protected her. Bethel the White Eagle was Elishe's hope and admiration – and also the idol of Saimore. Bethel and Elishe's happiness was Saimore's ultimate desire and justification. A daughter of the Elea entering the Zanan palace was impossible even in a dream, but Bethel made it possible. Hearing this, Bethel realizes that the Spirit of Altiheit was none other than Saimore.

Three days away from the Vindale Forest, Sevilis criticizes the group that returning to the forest won't stop or even delay the invasion. On top of that, Lomias may be able to warn his people but nobody can be sure what will happen afterward. Sevilis understands that losing one's homeland may be a tragic thing, but in ways it could be a good thing. After all, the destroyers of the forest and the bystanders will, in the end, understand what evil they have committed and know regret. But Lomias says that Lanneire will not agree with that. Lanneire will understand why Lomias is doing this – if only to plant a single seed of hope, they will strive to the very end to protect the forest.

In the palace of Zanan, Saimore asks Barius what it feels like to destroy his own homeland. To this, Barius says that it would have felt better if the whole of Irva joined the crime, but he regrets that this is not the case. Regardless, the Elea will be unarmed, so the invasion itself will proceed without trouble. Saimore trusts Barius to take care of the matters once the Vindale Forest has been destroyed. He plans to go into hiding after all of this is over, but there are not many albinos in Irva. No matter – he will be happy once he has irrevocably broken Irva.

By the time Lanneire's gang arrive at the forest, the fires had already begun. Lanneire asks Lomias to help the refugees, while she herself will delegate with Saimore though it seems futile at this point. Seeing as how the forest still breathes ether, Sevilis and Bethel choose to follow Lanneire.

But it is Barius that they find in Saimore's place. When asked where Saimore is, Barius answers that nobody knows anymore and that he, the supreme commander of the invasion forces, will not compromise with anybody. Still, Lanneire asks that, though the fires have already started, the Zanan forces leave the helpless refugees alone. Barius reiterates that he does not compromise... but admits that he is unlike Saimore in that he avoids needless bloodshed. At this point, a messenger reports to Barius: a squad has lost its way among the smokes and became stranded in the forest. Barius orders to abandon them as the forest is still alive – but Lanneire volunteers to save them herself.

Barius laughs at Lanneire and Bethel dissuades her, but Lanneire is adamant; she must show that, in timse of danger, different peoples can look over their hatred and help each other. Bethel is furious – if Lanneire goes into the forest, if Bethel can't protect her, will she give him the same pain that Elishe did when he lost her? Lanneire responds: if she abandons the soldiers now, she cannot be true to herself. If Elishe, who loved Bethel, could be here, Lanneire says she would say the same. And, finally, though Bethel's wings may be broken now, Lanneire hopes that the White Eagle will soar again one day.

With that, Lanneire says goodbye and runs into the burning woods.

With Irva descending into chaos, you pursued your own quest, sternly and certainly. You reassemble the key to the final seal and reach the ultimate depth of Lesimas. There awaits Zeome the False Prophet. You and Zeome engage in a conclusive, final battle, surely your most difficult yet.

You emerge victorious.

As you approach the altar on which the Eye of the Eternal Darkness lays, a handsome lad appears out of nowhere. He tells you that your arrival here was predetermined. Though the gods may see it as nothing but a facet of a supercomplex system, mortals abide by a mysterious force called fate. He appears human, but he is certainly transcendent. There is a sense of unknowable force and darkness about him... He is Orphe, the Chaos Child.

He reveals: as sanctioned by the Eternal League of Nefia, what Zeome was protecting is now yours. On the altar is a single, lavishly decorated book. None other than the Eye of the Eternal Darkness itself. Orphe speaks to the Eye: “Your new master may not know your true worth, but unlike Zeome, who looked into your pages to laugh at peoples' lies and feel self-satisfaction, your new master will find another way to use your powers.” He turns to you again, saying that the Eye of the Eternal Darkness is the ultimate codex of all true histories and, if it is lifted from the altar, the magic will drain from it. Finally, he warns that the owner of the book will become the enemy of all who would fabricate false histories. Apparently, Orphe expects you to please him, but it is fine if you want to remove the book from Lesimas. With that, he disappears.

Once uncertainties fade from you, you reach toward the Eye of the Eternal Darkness...!

The Vindale Forest is no more. The peoples of Irva grow to accept Saimore's actions, but the world begins to change. Mysterious plagues spread; crops wither; dry winds blow. Once the realization hits, Barius reveals a single Elea survivor from the war. She testifies the existence of Messera, the function of the Vindale Forest and the need for etherwinds. But without the forest, Irva is becoming anathema to all life. Hearing her testimony, some are shocked; some are afraid; some are regretful; but as always, most do not care. Sierre Terre grows to be called the Dark Age, but Barius lets everyone know that the hope may still be there – Saimore has created another ether forest.

Zanan, the leader of the Vindale invasion, goes through a civil war and, in the void, Barius creates a utopian community named Ros Lier. The purpose of Ros Lier is to plant new trees and to advocate peace across borders. By wandering the forests, people of Ros Lier become free of the plagues. Ros Lier will become the promised land, a paradise on Irva.

Three years later.

Three years' time has brought life back to the streets. People act as if the catastrophe has never happened. Ros Lier, who profitted from bringing salvation, has become corrupt over time. The empires have warred over the possession of the paradise. Even in the dying world, the banner of peace could not bring people together. Pity, for after all that trouble, conspiracies of many nations flood the continents once again, breeding new wars.

After Palmia's collapse, you have left North Tyris for a while. But now, you are returning to the continent via a similar path – inside cargo stowage. Perhaps you are off to another lonely journey at the dawn of Irva's chaos. You've spent a long time deciphering the Eye of the Eternal Darkness. As a result, you have discovered that, in between the materialistic eras of Eyth Terre and Rehm-Ido, there existed the unknown, mysterious era of Naku Domara. This era was the one where the world was introduced to the forces of chaos and magic – it also holds the secret to Nefia's existence.

Port Kapul. You feel the winds of North Tyris and nostalgia hits you. Before you is great trials and adventures, toward the secret of the Eternal League of Nefia.

Appendix – Lomias and the Beggar (Can only be seen when using the Secret Experience of Lomias and inheriting)

Before you are healed by Lomias and Lanneire, they were searching for a location to hide from the rain. Eventually, they came across a cave. Worried that there might be danger inside, Lomias volunteered to enter the cave first.

Soon, a scream could be heard. Lanneire worried for Lomias – but he returned as if nothing had happened. He said “it seems like it was inhabited at one point before, but it is empty now.” But, Lanneire realized what he is holding – a putit! – and screamed. Lomias assured her, saying that the previous owner seemed to have had hits putit for a pet. It's a very obedient one, after all.

Then, you woke up.