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What is this?

This is where i'll post my daily update of what i've done, What i'm planning to do, What i might do and things like that.

--Chicunsu (talk) 18:58, June 28, 2013 (UTC)

What i've done

  • I've Changed Guild And added a seperate Page for Each of the guilds Thieves' Guild, Fighters' Guild & Mages' Guild. Which combines The Information from Guild With the guild quest page Thieves' Guild Quests, Fighters' Guild Quests and Mages' Guild Quests to make it easier to find and more clean.
  • I've added the information from Class feats (Elona+) Into each of the classes, as there was no links on the class pages leading to the page, and i didn't find it necesarry for a page of it.
  • I've added everything from the Food (Elona+) To the standard Food Page, as i didn't find it necesarry to have a new page for that info only.
  • I've also started looking through the whole and cleaning up it's categories, as the Category in itself is barely needed and most don't rly fit there.

What i'm planning on doing

  • Looking further into the Elona+ Category and cleaning up Article Categories there.
  • Doing general cleaning on articles i find in need of it
  • Adding missing information or making some information easier to understand

What i might do

This is things i think can be done, but i want to other people to tell me if they are a good idea or not.

  • The Stub List Is in need of cleaning, Either by adding missing information, or by actually removing many articles who are complete but haven't been removed from the list
  • Merging a lot of Elona+ Articles into their original Vanilla articles for easier to find and less pages.
  • Creating a set of City maps which shows Where to find which npc to make it easier for new players to navigate the cities

Please Leave your thoughts and insight on progress and especially the things i might/want to do --Chicunsu (talk) 18:58, June 28, 2013 (UTC)