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In both the race and class selection screen, when an entry is hovered over, the attribute bonuses are shown with qualifiers, which in ascending order are: None, Slight, Little, Normal, Not Bad, Good, Great, Best.

Minimum Attribute Bonus Maximum Attribute Bonus Qualifier
0 0 None
1 1 Slight
1 2 Slight
2 3 Slight
2 4 Little
3 5 Little
3 6 Normal
4 7 Normal
4 8 Not Bad
5 9 Not Bad
5 10 Good
6 11 Good
6 12 Great
7 13 Great
7 14 Best
8 15 Best

Any attribute bonus with a maximum over 15 will have the qualifier Best


Select the class of choice and go with a Tourist, as it has no attribute bonuses, then roll your heart out, taking note of the maxima. If the maximum is even, the minimum is half of that number, with almost no exceptions. If it's odd however, the number is generally the ceiling of half the maximum, but if in doubt check anyway.


Unfortunately there's no race with no attribute bonuses, with the minimum generally being Slight, and the lowest being Mutant's charisma bonus of 1. Snails have reliably small margins for bonuses, with the largest margin being their perception, which is between 3-6, and their smallest being their magic bonus of 1-2. Repeat the process described in the races section, subtracting race's maximum and minimum bonuses with the total maximum and minimum values, to obtain the class bonus attributes. With classes, an odd maximum is more likely to be the floor of half the maximum, relative to race bonuses (such as Claymore's strength, and Wizard's learning).


Case Magic Bonus Range Race Magic Bonus Class's Apparent Magic Bonus
Priest Snail 5-9 1-2 4-7
Priest Fairy 10-20 7-13 3-7

The above was calculated in Elona+ 1.91. As shown, what race is used when a determining a class's attribute bonus is important. Ultimately maximums are more important compared to minimums, with them changing dependent on which race the subject is.
Speculatively, this is most likely the result of some integer mathematics resulting in different dice ranges.