A Memorial for Quick Use

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Detail (Special Action): Quick use magic device
Detail (Hex): Once per turn, can be used magical device without consumption a turn[sic]
Attribute (Special Action): Icon-magic Plus.gif Magic

Quick Use

Elona+ 1.20 - 1.92
5/19/2013 - 9/16/2019
Replaced by Power item

Quick Use was both a special action and a hex, with the special action having a requirement of 100 Magic Device, costing 40 SP, and inducing the hex for 30 turns. While active, the hex would allow the user to use magical items (rods and potions) without expending a turn, albeit being limited to one use of a magical item before turns progress normally.

The removal of Quick Use in 1.92 marks the first time a hex has been removed from the game, and is the second special action to be removed, since Magic Fist in 1.24.


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