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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 13 October 2019

Comparison of Elona+'s game modes

Taking relative to mean "0" as Essential. The values are based off of <Bysymlha the amber eyes>'s game mode changing service in Devil Cape, as she allows the player to change the save to a game mode easier than the present one irreversibly.

(formerly known as Advancing)

Normal difficulty, comparable to Elona.

  • Allows for faster progression due to the experience multiplier, which by default is 3x, but can be changed to 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x at Devil Cape. Score will be 0, and you cannot make a gene. In versions prior to 1.88R, this multiplier would've been 20x.
  • For versions 1.88R and later, potential loss due to levelling up is at a fixed 5%

  • Score will be 0, and you cannot make a gene.
  • Refered to as a "balance breaker".
  • At game start, the player has 20,…

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 16 September 2019

A Memorial for Quick Use

Detail (Special Action): Quick use magic device
Detail (Hex):
Attribute (Special Action): Magic

Elona+ 1.20 - 1.92
5/19/2013 - 9/16/2019
Replaced by Power item

Quick Use was both a special action and a hex, with the special action having a requirement of 100 Magic Device, costing 40 SP, and inducing the hex for 30 turns. While active, the hex would allow the user to use magical items (rods and potions) without expending a turn, albeit being limited to one use of a magical item before turns progress normally.

The removal of Quick Use in 1.92 marks the first time a hex has been removed from the game, and is the second special action to be removed, since Magic Fist in 1.24.

  • Special action (Elona+)
  • Hex
  • Changelog (Elona+)/1.20
  • Changelog (Elona+)/1.92

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 29 August 2019

Calculating dice for character creation

  • 1 General
  • 2 Races
  • 3 Classes
  • 4 Addendum

In both the race and class selection screen, when an entry is hovered over, the attribute bonuses are shown with qualifiers, which in ascending order are: , , , , , , , .

Any attribute bonus with a maximum over 15 will have the qualifier

Select the class of choice and go with a Tourist, as it has no attribute bonuses, then roll your heart out, taking note of the maxima. If the maximum is even, the minimum is half of that number, with almost no exceptions. If it's odd however, the number is generally the ceiling of half the maximum, but if in doubt check anyway.

Unfortunately there's no race with no attribute bonuses, with the minimum generally being Slight, and the lowest being Mutant's charisma bonus of 1. Snai…

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Biting Chicken Biting Chicken 2 August 2019

Running Elona via Wine

This guide assumes the user already has both Wine and winetricks installed on their computer.

  • 1 Dealing with Mojibake
    • 1.1 Text Files
    • 1.2 Unzipping
    • 1.3 Inside Elona
  • 2 Setting up
    • 2.1 Wine
    • 2.2 Fonts
  • 3 Credits
  • 4 Technical Notes

Mojibake (文字化け) (lit. character transformation) is the garbled text that is the result of text being decoded using an unintended character encoding.

Open Text Editor from a menu. Pressing open, select the "Character Encoding" drop-down list and select SHIFT_JIS. If SHIFT_JIS is unavailable, select "Add or Remove..." and put SHIFT_JIS from an Available to a Chosen encoding. Then select the text file. This is useful for opening Japanese documentation and editing config.txt.

As most of the Elona archives (in my personal experience) are .zip en…

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