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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 25 November 2015

New Features in Elona Custom 1.51.4

With Elona Custom 1.51.4, two new systems will be added to the game - the first true additions to the Custom version that are anything more than simple code tweaks.

The first is customizable AI - the ability to fine-tune your pet's AI routine to your liking. The second is the ability to teach pets spells and abilities that you already know.

Did that get your attention? Then keep reading below to find out all about it!

  • 1 Starting Out
  • 2 Customizeable AI
    • 2.1 Tactic Explanations
  • 3 Spell/Ability System
    • 3.1 Initial Move List
    • 3.2 Teaching a Spell or Ability
  • 4 In Use
  • 5 Troubleshooting
  • 6 Warnings
  • 7 Known Bugs
  • 8 Final Thoughts

To instruct your pet on how to act, you'll need to (i)nteract with one of your pets, select Talk, and then choose the option "Let's talk about tactic…

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 24 August 2015

Elona Custom

Elona Custom is an attempt to enable and translate all features from the Japanese version of Elona Plus into English. English support in Elona Plus has been sporadic since its inception, so this project attempts to bring these things to the English audience.

  • 1 Download
  • 2 Installation
  • 3 New Features
  • 4 Troubleshooting
  • 5 Contributing
  • 6 Complete List of Changes
    • 6.1 Translations
      • 6.1.1 Story / Quest
      • 6.1.2 Character Generation
      • 6.1.3 System
      • 6.1.4 NPCs
      • 6.1.5 Misc
    • 6.2 Changes (Non-toggleable)
    • 6.3 Bug Fixes

The current version is 1.57.2, which is based on Elonaplus 1.57.

Latest Download: Elona Custom 1.57.2 (MEGA)

Source included in the above link.

The next release date is Friday, May 13th.

Simply drop the files from the above download into your Elona+ 1.57 folder, overwriting as ne…

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 9 May 2015

Elona Cutscene Viewer Beta 0.1

(This project is essentially discontinued in lieu of the Elona+ custom builds.) - Aug 18, 2015

Version 0.4 is now out! See the changelog below!

Have you ever wanted to view the cutscenes from Elona like they appear in the game? In English? Well, now you can!

I am happy to release the Elona Cutscene Viewer. It's still in Beta (feature complete), so there are probably plenty of quirks to iron out. However, it should be to a point where others can get some use out of it.

  • 1 What does it do?
  • 2 How do I use it?
  • 3 Where can I find it?
  • 4 Changelog

Well, basically, it plays files that use Elona's scripting format in a way mostly-accurate to how they appear in-game. It also understands some additional tags so that branching dialogue can be implemented.

In short,…

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AnnaBannana AnnaBannana 18 October 2014

Elona and Translations

So, did you know? Essentially every item in Elona has a cool little description in the Japanese version that never got put into the English release.

No, no, I'm not talking about the small little blurbs like "An alchoholic beverage made from crimberry." that you can see when inspecting a bottle of crim ale. The Japanese version has those too, of course, but what I'm talking about is an entirely seperate bit of flavor text that's tagged on to every item in the game. Typically, these are attributed to some type of organization or similar (such as to the "Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia" for static artifact descriptions). Some of them even contain quotes from various characters from Elona's story! For instance, the translation of the Diablo 's descr…

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