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Hi, folks: This is something I've wanted to do since the game began.

And since there's no better time then the present...

I'd like to present to you my expanded dialogue pack! Compatible with E+ 1.61 with Custom! All you should have to do is copy the talk file over, and it should run just fine.

Installation Guide: Extract the talk.txt from the above link. Place your new file in your elona>data folder, overwriting when asked. You can back up your original talk.txt file if you're unsure about the new dialogues; all you have to do is replace my talk.txt with your original file to 'uninstal' the modification.

Current Version: 0.21

The goal of this addition is to make bumping into NPC's a lot less boring, while still feeling like you're encountering genuine Elona dialogue, rather then some kind of mod. I'd love to know if there are any more conditionals and calls, so I can do more clever things, but in the meantime, I'd love some feedback.

Want to help? I'm specifically looking for information on backstory, mostly Noa-written, but with a secondary emphasis on the E+ content. I'd also love a way to make it so that NPCs aren't still talking about what a great guy Xabi or how cute he and Stersha are when he's reigning over six feet of soil...

I'll link this into my main guide page, and keep the link updated as I update the text file.

Version 0.21: Port Kapul is a lovely, hard-working fishing village that loves the sea, and is loved in return. Make sure to visit, come April.

Version 0.16: Yowyn. You remember fondly the smell of the soil. Also fixed some errors, added a few lines to previous areas.

Version 0.11: The coal-mining town of Vernis now has more dialogue, but we're still left wondering why, Elishe, it had to be you...

Version 0.06: Added more dialogue to the charming city of Derphy.