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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 23 May

Elona+ Dialogue Project!

Hey, everybody! Truth be told, I don't have much time or energy for much, anymore. Because of that, consider this as being delivered 'as is' - without the promise of further updates, though I'm gonna try to.

This here is what I was working on, uh, seven? Is it really seven years prior? On a place that, knock on wood, it should be available for players to get into the future.

Git here!

Installation is simple; back up your talk.txt, move the talk.txt in. If I miss updates, you should be able to copy the updated text over the old. Right now, I'm halfway through Palmia.

Anyway, it's not much, and I apologize for leaving those curious in the lurch. But I hope it brings you a smidgeon of extra playability to a very good game.

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 21 September 2016

Translation Work

Current project: AA changelog.

Don't expect too much, but we'll take our time and see what we see.

ver0.25 9/10

・Added new characters, complete with their own fully-implemented cards, corpses, and figurines. However, any character encountered in older versions won't drop their unique memorobilia outside of a certain city.
It is also possibly to wish for the figurines or cards, but they or their drops may eventually be added to a new version, with a different name.

・Fixed a bug in how FFHP handles relations for a second time. The fixed wells outside of towns were pretty amusing.

ver0.24 8/31

・Fixed instances of itemEx.csv not loading correctly.

・Eating when satieted has a tremendous effect on weight.

・The training machine now has an associated diet …

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 18 September 2016

ARottenLecho's Expanded Dialogue

Hi, folks: This is something I've wanted to do since the game began.

And since there's no better time then the present...

I'd like to present to you my expanded dialogue pack! Compatible with E+ 1.61 with Custom! All you should have to do is copy the talk file over, and it should run just fine.

Installation Guide: Extract the talk.txt from the above link. Place your new file in your elona>data folder, overwriting when asked. You can back up your original talk.txt file if you're unsure about the new dialogues; all you have to do is replace my talk.txt with your original file to 'uninstal' the modification.

Current Version: 0.21

The goal of this addition is to make bumping into NPC's a lot less boring, while still feeling like you're encountering …

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 17 September 2016

A Shopkeep's Guide to Daylight Robbery

... Or how to get strong, learn to appraise valuable goods, make ridiculous profits, and become popular doing it! - by 'Gilded' Letzow

I know you're sick of long-winded guides that don't tell you anything, so relax! The moment you've began your dungeon-diving career is the perfect time to open a store. After scrimping up to buy a deed, plop it down and immediately set to work. The first thing you'll want to do is make your store an equipment store, meaning that you'll be selling rings, arms, and armor.

This costs money, and you're going to spend a little more extending the shop's supply. Don't worry too much about this; there'll come a point where you simply can't supply enough items to meet demand; you will not be able to outpace your clerk, s…

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ARottenLecho ARottenLecho 17 September 2016

Guide Masterlist

Just a placeholder for various guides I'll write.

Hopefully they'll prove of use to you, new adventurer or old (fairy) farmhand alike.

This will be updated with version number, so you can find out if the strategy is current.

  • A Shopkeep's Guide to Daylight Robbery  (Effective as of E+ 1.61 w/Custom)

Additions and the like:

  • A Rotten Lecho's Expanded Dialogue Pack (Works with E+ 1.61 w/Custom)
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