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Materials are used for crafting (Alchemy, Tailoring, Jeweler and Carpentry), casino minigames, and at treasure machines.

They cannot be bought or sold, and have no weight. Materials can be found in many different ways, including through searching sampling spots, random events, material boxes.

If your pet is at least "friend" impress level and has the mining, fishing, gardening, gene engineer, or detection skills, then they slowly accumulate materials every time they kill an enemy; you can then get the materials from your pet via talking to it and selecting "Receive Materials".

You can view the materials you have found by pressing the m key. Crafting with materials requires a crafting tool.

List of Materials[]

Gathering Spot Name Description Usage
Any Garbage Just garbage.
Any Casino chip Chips used in casinos. blackjack
Any Charcoal This is good quality charcoal.
Any Driftwood Common driftwood.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Bird's feather A piece of Feather.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Waterdrop A drop of water.
Any Stick A specially shaped piece of wood.
Gathering-spot mining.png Mithril fragment Contains mithril.
Gathering-spot mining.png Ether fragment Contains ether.
Gathering-spot mining.png Iron fragment Contains iron.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Angel's tear Hard to gather.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Witch's tear Never dries up.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Seawater Very salty.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Howling weed It's making a whining sound.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Red weed A faintly reddish weed.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Blue weed A faintly blueish weed.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Curse weed A cursed weed.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Holy weed It's blessed.
Gathering-spot remains.png Rabbit's tail Scut.
Gathering-spot remains.png Troll gene It's regenerating.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Snow It won't melt somehow.
Gathering-spot remains.png Fairy dust Fairies leave it.
Gathering-spot mining.png Element fragment Elemental.
Any Electricity It is discharging.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Black mist It's as black as coal.
Gathering-spot fishing.png Hot water Somehow it's not cooling down.
Gathering-spot mining.png Fire stone This is hot.
Gathering-spot mining.png Ice stone This is cool.
Gathering-spot mining.png Discharging stone It's electrified.
Gathering-spot gardening.png Shining weed A shiny weed.
Any Magic mass Unknown magical mass.
Gathering-spot remains.png Human gene It's common.
Gathering-spot remains.png Witch's eye These eyes are still moving.
Gathering-spot log.png Leather A tanned hide.
Gathering-spot gardening.pngGathering-spot log.png Sap of Yaggdrasil It's pretty rare.
Gathering-spot misc.png Gathering-spot paper.png Magic paper Magical paper.
Gathering-spot misc.png Gathering-spot paper.png Magic ink Wizards love to use it.
Gathering-spot log.png Curved stick Almost unusable.
Any Yelling madman It never shuts up.
Gathering-spot remains.png Bear's tail Very short.
Any 100 Yen coin Foreign money. treasure machine
Any 500 Yen coin Foreign money. treasure machine
Gathering-spot gardening.png Medicinal weed Slightly cures wounds.
Any Paper Blank paper.
Any Generator This machine generates something.
Any Cloth A piece of cloth.
Gathering-spot log.png Branch Broken off of a tree.
Gathering-spot log.png Thick wood This doesn't break down easily.
Any Pebble These are around everywhere.
Gathering-spot misc.png Gathering-spot paper.png Memory fragment Reminds you of something.
Gathering-spot mining.png Magic fragment This is magical.
Gathering-spot mining.png Chaos stone Chaotic.
Gathering-spot mining.png Fine stone A good quality stone.
Gathering-spot log.png Vein Vein.
Gathering-spot misc.png Gathering-spot paper.png Adhesive It's sticky.
Gathering-spot misc.png Gathering-spot paper.png Good paper Good touch.
Any Durable cloth Not torn.
Gathering-spot log.png Log Affordable thickness.
Gathering-spot gardening.png White weed A faintly whitish weed.

Ally Gathering[]

Whenever a pet kills something while they have a Relationship of friend or higher; they gain between 1-10 points determent on there gathering skill levels.

Every material has a point cost to collect in order. (example; to get a Magic Ink you would need 310 points at the very least)

Material Point Cost
Pebble 40
Fine Stone 100
Ether fragment 120
Element Fragment 150
Chaos stone 150
Total 560

Material Point Cost
Waterdrop 20
Hot Water 60
Snow 80
Witch Tear 100
Angel Tear 120
Total 380

Material Point Cost
Stick 30
Branch 100
Holy weed 120
Shining Weed 130
Sap of Yaggdrasil 150
Total 530

Material Point Cost
Human Gene 40
Troll Gene 100
Rabbit Tail 120
Witch Eye 120
Fairy Dust 130
Total 510

Material Point Cost
Cloth 40
Paper 50
Yelling Madman 100
Magic Ink 120
Magic Mass 120
Generator 150
Electricity 150
Total 730