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Hybrid classes still the best classes ❤

Trying to catch up with all the E+ updates and Omake Overhaul.

This is my shitty little somewhat outdated guide that I intend to rewrite someday: User blog:Piroco/Stat and Skill training guide for Elona+ and Elona Custom.

Current characters:

Elona+ Custom G:

  • Dwarf Predator [Natural Mode, No Savescum]: Made this chara to catch up with all the changes for the newest versions of E+, and because I hadn't ever played a Martial Arts character.

Elona Omake Overhaul:

  • Sister Merchant [No Savescum]: I felt curious about the Sister race and the new classes, and Merchant seemed like a pretty logical class to match with the race. That and I felt like roleplaying and adorable little merchant in a very cruel world lol

Cleared games:

Cleared games
Elona+ Custom
Juere Warrior Act 1 end.png
"Rainbow Man" Obegar the Juere Warrior

Essential Mode
Did Savescum
Cleared Act 1
A very simple character I made for an attempted speedrun and to get back to form after a months-long absence (E+C has changed so much since then!). It was interesting to play a no-spellcasting character for once, but I think I'm gonna leave this one at Act 1, since for further playthroughs I'd rather try more advanced or difficult classes.
The new Lesimas events were nice! I tried fighting Zeome with the tweaked difficulty but it proved way too hard... Maybe next time with another character @_@

How did I find Elona?[]

Can't remember exactly, but it was around 2012. I stumbled upon Elona Shooter in Kongregate, and it quickly became one of my favorite games there. Wanting to find something similar, I clicked on the game link and downloaded Elona, and to my surprise it was completely different, and completely weird too. Needless to say, I stuck around, after dying god-knows-how-many times since I had no idea how to play (didn't play many roguelikes back them). Eventually I lost my interest in Elona Shooter but kept playing the original (though recently I revisited Shooter in an attempt at breaking the "Day 30" barrier).

Pity Noa didn't do anything else with Shooter.

Can't remember how I found this wiki... Maybe I was looking for game guides...