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This is my personal experience and is very subjective. Some things may be outright WRONG; feel free to point me at my mistakes. My english may be bad at times, too. I should also add that this guide is based on version 1.16 final, and hopefully many things will change in future versions of the game. I'm not playing Elona now, and probably won't until 1.17, so don't expect updates.

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Getting a new ally[]

You are awarded a pet when you visit Vernis for a first time; I advise against using this pet in the long run, just because there are better- and much more available- options (even little girl bought from slave master is more experienced than starting one).

How to choose[]

There are several things you should pay attention to. All pets gain levels and can train skills and improve their characteristics; however not all characteristics can be changed or improved.

Things that don't change:

  • AI (pet type). You won't be able to make your caster fight in melee or stop your dragons from breathing. Your melee fighters will always prefer melee to ranged combat.
  • Abilities/spells. No, your pets don't learn new tricks. Never. This is why casters suck.
  • Speed. This is the main reason to go for an advanced version of the same pet, it will usually be faster.
  • Life/Mana. Not really important, because if pets have little life or mana they usually aren't the type that need life or mana a lot.
  • Pet's sprite. You can customize it though.

Things that do change:

  • Level. Not that it means much.
  • Trainable attributes. You can also increase these by gene engineering.
  • Item slots. You can add more by means of gene engineering.
  • Skills. Your pets can gain new skills if you add genes to them; however they gain experience in their skills really slow, and it's the second main reason to get yourself a higher-level pet.

What to avoid (aka pets you don't want to have):

  • Breathers. Control magic doesn't work on breath.
  • Summoners. Their summons are hostile to you.
  • Splitters. They split into friendly creatures, but unless it's your strategy to fill up empty space and shoot from afar, I believe they'll get in your way.
  • Aliens.
  • Fire/cold casters. They destroy items/potions.
  • Potion throwers. They set things on fire and cure your useful mutations - these two are most annoying.
  • SLOW pets.
  • Anything that sucks badly. Your putit isn't going to kill a dragon.

Bought pets[]

You can buy a variety of humanoid pets and horses. They all do the job for starters, but you can catch something better.

Bought pets also have some skills you might want to add to your other pets. None of the bought pets have greater evasion or eye of mind, though.

God pets[]

All god pets are of servant race, which means they are faster than any of the humanoid pets you can buy. God pets start at level 8 and have somewhat trained skills. Each of them also has some kind of rare or unique special power. You can only have two god pets at a time.

  • Exile can cast several spells in one turn, which greatly improves it's damage-dealing capacity. It also casts arrow of darkness, or whatever it's called, which causes blindness.
  • Black cat has unique licking ability

Other god pets are by no means bad, but their powers aren't that useful and there are better options amongst high-level creatures. ...the only god pet that really sucks is the Android (it can Boost, yay?) --Jatopian 15:29, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

Diary pets[]

Note that these start at level 1 and have lousy skills.

  • Younger sister is weaker than a putit.
  • Young lady is moe, but she throws random potion bottles and it's no good. Without this potion habit, she would have good potential because she can cast healing rain and slow.
  • Younger cat sister has great potential, because of 200 speed, melee AI and no annoying abilities. However, it would require lots and lots of training. Also, they don't make awesome shopkeepers - master thiefs do.

Caught pets[]

  • Using a scroll of ally will create a random pet with level ranging from 1 to a little greater than your level. However no matter what your level is, pets of lower level are generated more often. When I was lvl 30-32 I was getting pets up to something like 37. I then activated wizard mode and increased level to 99, but most of the pets were still less than lvl 40, with rare exceptions --Enlait 21:48, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Rod or spell of domination doesn't have a level restriction, but fails often.
  • Pokéballs are only consumed on success making them 100% successful. They have level restriction however. High level pokéballs are very useful because you can capture a pet with level significantly greater than yours. These balls are sold by general vendors and may be the main reason to invest in them.

Most monsters have either greater versions or equivalent of higher level, with more speed, higher stats and skills. The general idea is to capture monsters with higher base level. Creatures with <name> in brackets like this have slightly better skills, but their stats are the same. (unsure)

Recommended pets[]

These are hard to catch, but they kick asses!

  • Bells are an exception to the "higher level is better" rule - and one hell of an exception. It's not like they make decent pets or strong pets - after a bit of training and a lot of gene engineering they take on dragons and titans with ease. Poison and bleeding are their only bane. Tell you the story, I was doing Minotaur's Nest quest and my lvl 40 titan got killed by the unique minotaur king after taking a good dozen of criticals (BTW I got killed in one hit, took about 350 damage through about 140 PV), but then went there with bells and my two bells pwnd the minotaur king without me doing anything. They also did well in depth 95 random generated dungeon. --Enlait 21:48, 4 June 2009 (UTC)
Quicklings die easily, but quickling archers have about 1000 speed against bell's 650. Use them at your own risk.
  • Silver eyed witch is a great humanoid melee fighter. They are fast, have some nice abilities and are good at both dodging and hitting.
  • Trainer is another great human fighter. They don't have outstanding speed or toughness, but have high combat skills and are also easily available for catching in your shop or museum. Do note that they lose resistances when captured.
  • Tyrannosaurus is better than any horse, however requires very, very high riding skill (slightly more than 50) to ride them at full speed.
  • Titan is an unrivaled tank - one with a cannon. Hits hard, moves fairly fast. Comparable to adamantium golem, but has better skills.
  • Messenger of death/Executioner. Both can cast "death" hex, but messenger of death casts cold bolt, and executioner casts more useful and safe lighting bolt.
  • Varuna has excellent damage-dealing ability. Mitra or asura will be always inferior because of lower speed, but they'll do the job until you catch varuna.
  • Spiral king as an excellent example of a pure spellcaster that kicks ass. Not a surprise, considering it's incredible level. But what's more, they have no spells that destroy items, they don't summon anything and they spam ball spells without ever hitting allies - what else could you wish for? Of course, you'll have to find a level 65+ monster ball first...

I have yet to try Great race of Yith for a pet, so far haven't met anything more impressive than those listed above.

Improving allies[]

Your brand new pet will be usually lacking some useful skills and (maybe) item slots. By now, you should have read about gene engineering a few times already. It isn't some kind of bonus - it is practically a must, if you want to make best use of your pets.

  • Don't go over 13 item slots
  • Give your pets Greater Evasion, Eye of Mind. You may want to breed pets that have these skills initially as none of the bought allies have them.
  • Don't give your pets useless skills - so that they wont waste money increasing potential of these skills. (unsure)

Traveling in a party[]

Even if you get yourself a dozen of strong allies it still doesn't mean you will rock. There are many pitfalls here and there.

  • Your pets do not attack and chase enemies by themselves. (I hope it will be changed in future versions) They either support you when you attack, chase down an enemy if you target it with the (*) key, or return fire. Because of this, having many melee fighters is pointless - they will get in each others way.
  • Spell casters are nice in the beginning, but eventually you'll find ranged weapons that invoke balls of win and awesomeness. Fast archers armed with these are better than casters, but you should give them items that increase control magic skill if you don't want to die yourself.
  • Your pets get hungry, too. They don't starve, but will eat everything they find on the ground, even undead corpses, rotten or otherwise inedible food. You can snatch their food by replacing them - if you're fast enough. And in case of bells or quicklings you aren't. In theory, you can give your pets normal food and they won't eat that crap from the floor. In practice, bells and quicklings keep distance from you due to their stupid ranged AI. It is also very annoying when you want to manage their equipment. (When you enter a map, your pets are generated close to you, that's your chance.)
  • Your pets enjoy drinking from wells and getting poisoned, pregnant, and killed.


  • Increase your pets' fire resistance so that their equipment won't get burned. Other resistances won't hurt too.
  • I never tried The Holy Lance but I get the feeling it's great. Wield it yourself or give to one of your melee fighters. You'll have to dig up a lot of ore to obtain it though.
  • Give some of your pets weapons that invoke negative conditions on enemies. Shurikens (bleeding), grenades (confuse), panties (confuse), weapons that invoke Chaos Ball (blind, poison, confuse) and anything else you may find. Bleeding/poison will help you kill even the toughest of enemies, and confusion/blindness makes them pretty much harmless.
  • Carry around some potions of dye/acid/poison in case you or your pet get pregnant.
  • Equipment that floats your pets will prevent them from drowning in wells, getting hit by pools of acid and certain traps.