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An Elea from the Heretical Forest. She is referred to as "The Listener of The Wind" due to her ability to learn about events beyond her sight by listening to the wind. - Card Description

Larnneire (Japanese: ラーネイレ), born 495/04/07 during the era of Sierra Terre, is an Elean female hailing from the Vindale Forest. She bears the title of "The Listener of The Wind".


Larnneire is described as exceptionally beautiful. She has light-blue hair that is found only in Elea, as well as blue eyes.

She is a kind and empathetic individual, and very wise for her age.


Larnneire served as a diplomat of the Elea. Her first encounter with King Xabi of Palmia was as a child in Sierra Terre 504 as part of a larger convoy.


In the year 517 of Sierra Terre, Larnneire set out from the Vindale Forest along with her bodyguard Lomias to seek an audience with King Xabi of Palmia with the intention of seeking his aid in dealing with the situation of the expanding Vindale Forest. Unable to secure his help due at least in part to the interference of Saimore of Zanan, Larnneire was forced to flee Palmia with the aid of Bethel while being chased by Saimore's lackeys.

Larnneire afterwards sought help from Duke Sevilis of Derphy, but was turned over to Saimore together with her entourage. While her companions were given some amount of freedom, she was kept as personal captive by Saimore and brought back to Palmia. At the time of her release, she was framed by Saimore for the assassination of King Xabi and forced once again to flee from Palmia.

Though desiring to return to Vindale and warn her fellow Elea of the incoming invasion, Larnneire made her way to a secret research institution in Zanan to learn the truth behind the Vindale Forest. While nothing of value was found in the institute, she encountered Barius there, who gave her the information she sought as well as information about the fall of the 10th era of Rehm Ido.

By the time Larnneire made it back to the Vindale Forest, Zanan's invasion had already begun. While she was unable to stop the destruction of the Forest, she convinced Barius to spare the fleeing Elea. Upon hearing of a group of soldiers who had gotten lost in the Forest, she set out to rescue them. Larnneire has not been sighted since.


  • While the text might lead you to believe that Larnneire is the Elea that Barius has testify in the epilogue of Elona, Noa has stated that this is not the case.
  • Larnneire's fate is left (perhaps purposely) ambiguous at the conclusion of Elona. While no official continuation of Elona was ever developed, material released by Noa seems to imply that Larnneire was intended to die. The ambiguity of her fate allows for each Elona variant to have their own take. In Elona+, she lives.