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Types of Undead


The quintessential walking dead. They attack in melee range, and their damage is average. These shouldn't be a real problem.

Lesser Mummy

The lowest form of Mummy. They also attack from melee range, and shouldn't give you a lot of trouble. Doesn't have that much health.


The middle form of Mummy . These can be trouble if your level is low. Attacks in melee and has medium-high health.

Greater Mummy

The highest(?) form of Mummy. These enemies are quite powerful even to characters as high as Lv15. They have high health and they can really dish out the damage. Beware the Greater Mummies who carry maces, they'll dish out a lot more damage than any other.


Stronger than a zombie with more health and more damage. Still an easy kill.

Skeleton Warrior

Lots of HP, lots of defense, mid-range damage. Melee attack only.

Skeleton Berserker

The final skeleton. Exactly like a Skeleton Warrior but with better stats.

Ancient Coffin

Found primarily in the Crypt of the Damned and the Pyramid. Low HP and low armor, but can dim you and curse your items.


Not too much of a danger, it's essentially a spellcasting skeleton. Hit it with silence and the threat is nulled.

Master Lich

Equivalent to a spellcasting skeleton berserker, it can be quite a danger to lower level characters, even after being silenced. Bleed it out before engaging until you're capable of under 5 round KOs. Alternatively, have a silver bell or 'dark' monster as a pet to absorb its spells while you shoot or backstab the lich.

Demi Lich

A very powerful spellcaster, which can defeat even a nether dragon, AI allowing. (it helps if he remembers to teleport) Have blessed silences handy and start throwing. It is recommended you begin purchasing bundles of blessed silence potions or rods and stockpile them to use immediately whenever you see them sometime around level 25 or when you begin hitting level 40 dungeons, just for this enemy. It casts primarily nether and darkness spells.

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