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Two Hand is a skill that grants the user a damage and accuracy bonus when fighting with a single weapon.

  • +0.03 damage multiplier per level

Single weapon style[]

To fight this way, equip a weapon to a single hand slot and leave your other hand slots empty. This will give you a bonus to damage and accuracy to make up for the fact that you can't use your other hand slots. You do not need the Two Hand skill to fight this way, nor do you need multiple hands (i.e. a one handed Mutant can still fight this way).

Fighting with a single weapon works a lot better with a heavy weapon (i.e. a weapon that weighs 4.0s or more). When fighting with a normal or light weapon, the bonus is lower and you will not get any additional bonus to hit from the Two Hand skill.

  • +1.2 damage multiplier for using only one weapon
  • +1.5 instead for using weapon 4.0s or more

While fighting with a heavy weapon is preferable, doing so while riding will incur a penalty to hit depending on the weapon's weight. This penalty is crippling at low skill levels, but is reduced with Riding skill, Two Hand, any other accuracy bonuses and having a weapon that weights as close to 4s as possible. However your hit chance with a heavy weapon will always be lower while riding than when unmounted.

Due to the damage and hit bonuses, new characters will generally find it easier to fight with a single weapon until they get some decent equipment.

Changes in Elona+[]

Having upwards of four hands (starts at two) now gives a percentage increase bonus to critical rate when wielding a two-handed weapon.

Trained skill[]

You may learn Two Hand from the trainers in Yowyn and Lumiest. You may also learn it from the fighters' guild trainer in Port Kapul.




  • #twoha will increase Two Hand by 1 level and train its potential.

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