Elona Wiki

The tutorial for Elona starts as soon as you begin the game after creating your character. You begin by talking to Lomias the messenger from Vindale and choosing "I would like to play the tutorial." from the conversation choices. You can choose to skip the tutorial.

The first thing he tells you to do is eat the corpse he leaves on the ground. It is a human corpse, so you will go insane if you eat it. You don't actually have to eat the corpse to pass this part, just tell him you ate it.

The second part is to dig out a wall in your house. Don't worry about destroying your house walls, you can just rebuild them later. Carve out a wall to reveal a valuable gold bar (which is actually worthless) and talk to Lomias again. He'll then tell you to identify the gold bar and give you a scroll of identify, but you don't have to. Just tell him you did it and save the scroll for yourself.

Next, you will be fighting some Putits. Lomias will drop a cursed bow, arrow (both of random low-quality material) and a Scroll of uncurse for you to use and equip. You don't have to use the equipment, you can kill the monsters anyway you want. Tell him you're ready and he will summon 3 Putits for you to defeat, as well as drop a Potion in case you need to heal. Once the putits are dead, talk to Lomias.

The last thing he'll have you do is attempt to unlock a chest with a couple lockpicks. Again, you don't have to unlock it now if you don't want to or can't do it. Talk to him again. When he is done yapping you will have finished the tutorial.

When you're done, tell him to leave so you can get your free furniture.

If you're playing an incarnated character whose parent had used the Secret Treasure of Lomias, you will begin the game with a scene where Lomias kills the beggar whom the corpse belongs to; this nets you the Begger's Pendant.

Here is a list of the items you can obtain from completing the tutorial.

  • Corpse of Beggar
  • Scroll of Identify
  • Worthless Fake Gold Bar
  • Cursed Long Bow
  • Arrow
  • Scroll of Uncurse or Scroll of Vanish Curse
  • Potion of Cure Minor Wound
  • 2 Lockpicks
  • Chest (and whatever might be in the chest)
  • 3 pieces of furniture (from asking Lomias to leave)
  • Beggar's Pendant (if incarnated from a file that used the Secret Treasure of Lomias)