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A treasure map (a crumbling paper when unidentified) is a type of map that can be read only when traversing the overworld.

When read, a picture appears of a small section of the world map, and one tile is circled. If you travel to this tile and dig (Shift+D key, then press 5 on the numpad to dig underneath you, Dig from the z quick menu) you will be rewarded with gold, platinum coins, potentially rare items, and medals, at least some of the time. Dungeons, towns, and buildings like Your Home, will not appear on Treasure Maps--you will instead see the tile under the dungeon/town/building as if it were not there.

NOTE: You must dig on the correct tile while on the world map, NOT while "inside" the tile on the local map.

NOTE: Treasure maps always refer to the continent where they were generated (North Tyris, South Tyris or Lost Irva). Trying to read them on another continent will give the message "You should move to ____ to read this map".

Cursed treasure maps have a chance to crumble apart. If this occurs, the treasure will disappear.


The Arena awards one after every 100 wins and additional ones after the 200th and 300th wins.