Elona Wiki

I320-red treasure machine.pngI321-blue treasure machine.png Treasure machines are furniture items that act like vending machines. When you insert Yen Coins (which you can sometimes get from sampling spots and from competing in arenas) you will receive an unlocked treasure ball.

Red treasure machines accept 100 Yen Coins while the blue treasure machines accept 500 Yen Coins. The treasure balls you get from the blue treasure machine will contain rarer items then those of the red treasure machine.

There is one of each machine in the center of Palmia, near the arena masters in Port Kapul, and near the altar in the Cyber Dome.

You can purchase your own treasure machines from general stores or furniture vendors, such as the ones in the embassy. They increase your house rank by a lot.


Blue treasure machines have a rare chance of spawning higher quality rare treasure balls. These treasure balls will drop either a Hero cheese, Magic fruit, or Happy apple.