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  • I've been slowly translating the Japanese version of Elona into English for a while. With some people helping me, it's making a good progress lately. If anyone is willing to translate some text, it helps me a lot and I appriciate it. Translation doesn't have to be precise. Simply running Japanese text through a machine translator and adjusting them based on your feeling from playing the game will do. Please see the example before editing. Rfish 02:22, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

Sunstrike: This translation is completed

  • Virtually, this is the last major text that needed translation. There're other small text but for now, I'm really happy we've made it this far. Thanks a lot! Rfish 13:56, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Example : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Sample quest


Option 1 あげる。
Option 2 だめ。

2 After completing the quest


Example : TranslationEdit

Rfish 05:50, 1 June 2008 (UTC)


Good morning.
I want a younger sister.
Option 1 I'll give you mine.
Thank you.
Option 2 No.


I'm happy!

The letter to the king : OriginalEdit

Type: Main Quest
Note: a conversation after you bring the letter to king Xabi




The letter to the king : TranslationEdit


What’s that you say? You have a message from one of our scouts? …Very well then, let me see it.

I see… then what we feared has indeed come to pass. If evil has set its sights on the artifact hidden within the depths of Lesimas, then for the honor of our King we are bound to stop it…

You must be tired, {Name}. Give me a moment to prepare appropriate compensation for your efforts today.

In times like these, we can’t afford to let those we can trust sit idly on their swords. If you’re willing to serve Palmia, then you should pay a visit to Erystia in the library. We will be sure to reward you with honor and riches commiserate with your sacrifice.

Any assistance you provide to us will be most welcome.

Main Quest1 : OriginalEdit

Type: Main Quest
Note: Quest NPC is Erystia in Palmia


Option1 断る
Option2 力になる

2 After Option2


3 After you found Karam (karam is speaking)


(kills himself)

Main Quest1 : TranslationEdit


Main Quest 1: Erystia

Erystia: You must be {name}. I’ve already heard some of the soldiers talking about you. My name is Erystia, and I came to Nefia in order to research the history behind the various labyrinths here. The King has placed me in charge of the expedition to investigate Lesimas. Unfortunately, due to numerous obstacles and an abundance of hostile monsters residing in the caverns, our investigation has made little, if any, progress. It would be very reassuring if we had the strength of adventurers like you backing us up.

Option: I’m not interested.

Erystia: Fair enough… but should you change your mind feel free to come back.

Option: I will gladly pledge my strength to Palmia.

Erystia: Fantastic. I hate to admit it, but the castle’s regular soldiers have been virtually useless so far…

Erystia: Our objective is to penetrate to the deepest reaches of Lesimas and retrieve the <codex> hidden there. Once we know the true nature of the <codex>, we can complete our research on the ancient dungeon. You probably won’t remember all this after hearing it only once, so feel free to ask me about it again.

Erystia: Now, on to the first order of business. We need you to investigate the fate of one of our agents. His name is <Karam>. Like you, he is one of the foremost adventurers in the land. He agreed to assist with the expedition into Lesimas. He had been contributing information to the expedition’s limited intelligence on the caverns. However… we haven’t heard anything from him in some number of weeks.

Erystia: Your duty will be to penetrate into Lesimas and make contact with <Karam>. In the last report we received from him, he told us he was on the 16th floor. If you can find him, perhaps we can get this excavation back on track. Godspeed, {Name}, find out what happened to <Karam>.

Main Quest 1: Karam

Karam: Who’s there? So… Erystia sent you to find me… as you can see I’m badly wounded. I’m pretty much screwed aren’t I? But then… now that you’re here maybe I won’t have to die in vain after all.

Karam: I have something to ask of you. Relay this message to Erystia for me… Tell her that she must believe me when I say that the one guarding the codex in the depths of Lesimas is none other than former King Zashim’s brother, Zeome. He’s the one controlling the magic of the codex… or… no, not just the codex, but the whole of Lesimas. He’s no longer human… he’s something… more.

Karam: But it doesn’t end there… You need to know that Saimore from Zanan is also after the codex. But… why?

Karam: The codex Zeome possesses… it’s called the <Origin of Vice>. They say it describes the darkness inherent in the world. But if Saimore’s widely accepted story about the end of Rehm-Ido and the beginning of the era of Sierre Terre is true, then why would he be after the relic?

Karam: Saimore has been pushing for war against the Eleas. The truth is that Saimore’s claim that the irreverent forest destroyed the world of the era of Rehm-Ido is a carefully constructed lie and that the <Meshella> are real. But then, if Saimore's theory was just a deception meant to incite a war, then what is he really after? I have a bad feeling about all of this...

Karam: My role in this saga is at an end... I'll never make it out with these injuries... Deliver my message to the capital quickly... and may the gods of fate watch over you...

Main Quest2 : OriginalEdit

Type: Main Quest
Note: Quest NPC is Erystia in Palmia. King xabi has been killed in an event.
愚者の魔石=Fool's magic stone 覇者の魔石=King's magic stone 賢者の魔石=Sage's magic stone
灼熱の塔=the Tower of Fire 古城=the Old Castle 死者の洞窟=the Undead Hoard
ワイナン=Wynan イスシズル=Issizzle クルイツァ=Quruiza コルゴン=Corgon

1 you bring the news of karam's death


(tell her what karam said)



Option1 レシマスについて

Option2 任務について

Option3 古城について

Option4 灼熱の塔について
Option5 死者の洞窟について

3 After you have gathered 3 magic stones


Main Quest2 : TranslationEdit


Main Quest 2: Delivering the news of Karam’s death

Erystia: I’ve been waiting for you to return, {name}. I hope that Karam is… no, I can tell just by looking at you. Then our rescue attempt was too little too late.

Erystia: Well take Karam’s message to heart then… I remember reading about the <Origin of Vice> in one of these books. I believe it referred to the codex as an exhaustive account of the history of all things in Ilva. If, as Karam suspected, Saimore is trying to acquire the codex in order cover up gaps in his story we can't allow him to succeed.

Erystia: I'm sure you've already heard the tragic news about the king. All of Palmia is heartbroken by the king's demise, but we can't afford to spend our time mourning right now. We have to push on, for Karam... and for the king's sake.

Erystia: Your next task is to retrieve the three magic stones. It's written in several of our historical accounts that the stones are the key to unlocking the secrets of Lesimas. We already know where the stones are located, but actually getting the stones is definitely easier said than done. First, you should scout the areas, gather info, and build your strength.

Erystia: Please come see me anytime you get information that would be useful to the expedition. I know you've just returned and we’re asking an awful lot of you, but I don't have any other choice.

Option: Tell me about Lesimas

Erystia: Lesimas is one of the numerous ruins of Nefia. It is a significant part of the history of Palmia. The Eulderna sought to bring themselves prosperity using one of the treasures of Nefia, so the third king, Zashim and his cousin Zeome organized an excavation of Lesimas. Eventually the king and his cousin received word that the excavation had been completed, so they descended to the deepest reaches of Lesimas. Together they set foot into the darkened room where the codex was said to reside, yet after some number of hours, King Zashim emerged from the chamber alone. As the legend goes, King Zashim said the following words to his aides.

Erystia: "In the hands of the mighty it was dull and lifeless, devoid of magic... yet... in the hands of the meek it shone with a brilliant golden light that defies description. But no matter how I tried, I could not show that light to anyone else. The codex was meant to remain in these depths for all of eternity. We should seal this place off. My cousin will never return from these caves."

Erystia: And so, they sealed the cavern with powerful magic and bound that seal to three magic stones. They gave each stone to a powerful guardian and sent them to three separate strongholds to watch over the stones. I don't believe the guardians knew the true value or purpose of the stones.

Erystia: Since that day, the passing generations of Palmia's royal family have preserved King Zashim's mandate and we've always deceived the other nations into believing there was nothing of value in Lesimas.

Option: Tell me about the mission again.

Erystia: Your next task is to retrieve the three magic stones. It's said that the stones are the key to unlocking the secrets of Lesimas. We already know where the stones are located, but all three locations are extremely dangerous. First, you should scout the areas, gather info, and build your strength.

Option: Tell me about the ancient castle

Erystia: The <King's Magic Stone>, along with numerous other treasures, sleeps deep in the recesses of the vaults of the Ancient Castle, which was built by a long forgotten generation of the royal family. However, the royal family eventually relocated to Palmia and the former throne of the kingdom fell into disrepair and decay. It has been ages since anyone even set foot in the old castle...

Erystia: After <Lord Wynan> took charge of the castle in the first century, even the thugs of Derphy became too scared to approach the castle. The danger level in the castle is roughly equivalent to the 17th floor of Lesimas.

Erystia: It is rumored that <Wynan> still rules the throne along with his personally trained army. Legends tell that the deadly halberd he carries, <Rankis>, can drain the life from his enemies with the greatest of ease. It would be wise to boost your resistance to nether... oh, and bear in mind that unless you can time your actions wisely he'll devour you like a dog.

Option: Tell me about the tower of infernos

Erystia: If you head north from Palmia, through the untamed lands, you will eventually see a tower blazing with an aura of flames. The guardian of the tower, a powerful witch named <Quruiza the Red-eyed Deceiver>, watches over the <Sage's magic stone>. Quruiza's magic is not the only thing you have to fear either, her husband, the <Steel Dragon Corgon> has pledged his strength to her defense. No doubt you'll have to face him as well.

Erystia: I probably don't need to tell you this, but if you plan to brave the tower, you'll need some sort of powerful resistance to heat and flames. If you find you can't hack it inside, I'd suggest you find some way to protect yourself from the heat before venturing back inside. The danger level in the tower is roughly equivalent to the 15th floor of Lesimas.

Option: Tell me about the crypt of the damned

Erystia: The <Crypt of the Damned> is an ancient cave where the walking dead have amassed in droves. It is the most dangerous of the three strongholds. Countless famous adventurers have lost their lives in the crypt, doomed to wander its halls for all eternity as undead.

Erystia: I believe that the <Dark Abomination Issizzle> rules the hallowed crypts. He is a powerful necromancer and his name is feared all across the continent. Issizzle is shrouded in mystery so I'm afraid I can't tell you much more.

Erystia: The crypt of the damned is along the road that runs between Vernis and Palmia. The danger level of the crypt is roughly equivalent to the 25th floor of Lesimas. You will need to be well prepared before venturing into the crypts.

Part 3: After you have gathered 3 magic stones

Erystia: It looks like you've finally managed to acquire all three of the stones, {Name}. According to the information we've learned during the excavation, these stones are the key that will unlock the deepest reaches of Lesimas. However, be aware that terrifying monsters lurk in the abyss of Lesimas, and we have no idea how deep those caverns go.

Erystia: This will be your last mission. This will be no easy task, but failure is not an option. It's up to you to complete the excavation of Lesimas and find the room where the codex is kept. If you can’t retrieve the <Origin of Vice> we will never be able to uncover the conspiracy Zanan has set into motion.

Erystia: If what Karam told us is true, the codex will be guarded by the late king Zashim's cousin, Zeome. Zeome was known to have been a very powerful warlock. In his day, he was by far the most powerful sorcerer alive. I wouldn’t dare confront him unless you are extremely well prepared.

Erystia: Words alone are not enough to express our gratitude for all that you have done. This ring is a gift from Queen Stersha. We are praying for your success, {name}.