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  • I've been slowly translating the Japanese version of Elona into English for a while. With some people helping me, it's making a good progress lately. If anyone is willing to translate some text, it helps me a lot and I appriciate it. Translation doesn't have to be precise. Simply running Japanese text through a machine translator and adjusting them based on your feeling from playing the game will do. Please see the example before editing. Rfish 02:22, 15 June 2008 (UTC)
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Example : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Sample quest


Option 1 あげる。
Option 2 だめ。

2 After completing the quest


Example : TranslationEdit

Rfish 05:50, 1 June 2008 (UTC)


Good morning.
I want a younger sister.
Option 1 I'll give you mine.
Thank you.
Option 2 No.


I'm happy!

Searching for books : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Quest NPC is Renton in Lumiest



2 If player brings a book to him


3 When all 4 books are given

おお…これがレイチェルの絵本か。本を読んでみたいと思う気になったのは、久しぶりだよ。さっそく読ませてもらおう。(He reads the book)
ビーーー!バリリ!!ビリリ!バリリリリリ!!!こんなモノ!こんなモノ!こんなモノ…ビリビリビリビリ!ふう、ふう、はあ、はあ…。(He tears the books apart. This scence is supposed to be funny)

4 After completing the quest


Searching for Books: TranslationEdit


1 – Talent or no talent… if you’re a success it doesn’t really matter now does it? My sister came here to Lumiest hoping to make it as an artist. She dearly loved the beauty of all things, but she had no artistic ability. She tried so hard and she pushed her limits to succeed, but in the end she was rejected and it drained all the life out of her. The people here mocked and insulted her; nobody understood her. Then, one winter day, despondent, she jumped into the lake and drowned herself.

I was sure… her obsession with painting had wrecked her health. Her devotion and desire for fame alienated her from ordinary people. But, not long after my sister died, a prodigal artist came here to Lumiest. With hardly any effort, all the things she wanted came to her. Fame, happiness, fortune…

To be privileged, or to be poor, it’s all just a matter of fate and inescapable coincidence… Do you understand what it is I’m trying to say? That’s right, it’s tough for me to explain exactly how I feel. It’s just that… I guess I no longer understand the meaning of life… that’s all.

I remember my sister really loved a series of children’s books illustrated by a woman named Rachel. I’m sure they're really rare, or even impossible to find, but… I’d like to read them just once. I feel that perhaps you can understand how I feel…

2 – Upon delivering a book

You’ve brought {p} books, just for my sake? You have my thanks. If I recall correctly, there are four volumes in the series. If you can find all four for me I’ll find some way to thank you.

3 – After delivering all 4 books

Oh! So these are Rachel’s storybooks? I feel like I should read them soon… it’s been such a long time. Give me a moment to look at them will you. These… these are! And this! And… *Renton bubbles at the mouth*

And this… *huff* *huff*

  • A crazed look wells up in Renton’s eyes*

These books… only a true artistic genius could’ve painted like this. Effort alone is simply not enough… my sister… no matter how long or hard she tried, she never could’ve painted such beauty. If the goddess of luck truly exists, I should devote myself to her. I’m sorry… you do deserve a reward. I’d like to be alone for a while… if you don’t mind.

4 – After the quest is complete

I wonder… does my life really have any value?

Pervert : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Quest NPC is Raphael in Port Kapul


Option 2 こんな嫁でよければ
Option 1 ふざけるな

2 When the quest is accepted

(player chooses an ally from his party)
(If not married) 嫁だ。嫁じゃなきゃだめだ!
(if (Name) is not a human) な、おま…ぎぎ…の嫁さ…ぎぎ…は人間じゃ…ぎぎ (Raphael goes insane)

Pervert : TranslationEdit

<Sunstrike> 1

Don't you know who I am? I am, by far, without question, doubtlessly and unabashedly, the sexiest man in this town -- if not the whole of North Tyris. I can have any woman I desire. I could even take the princess of Palmia if I wanted. Yet, strange as it sounds, lately I've grown tired of the game. Honestly, I want a woman who will serve me unconditionally and never complain. Why don't you let me keep one of your wives? You'd have my thanks.
Option 2 How's this one?
Great! What a fine young girl you've brought me!
Option 1 Don't mock me you filthy wretch.
Pah, it's not that important anyhow.

2 When the quest is accepted

Which one? Who have you brought for me to inspect?
(player chooses an ally from his party)
(If not married) I want your wife, it's pointless if you aren't married!
So... this is your wife eh? {Name} is her name? Don't be embarassed, come along!
(Name)Ick, you're leaving me with him!?
(if (Name) is not a human) She's... she's not--hiii--She's not even hu--huuuuu--human... (Raphael goes insane)
She's a work of art! Looks like we have the same taste in women. Hey, if you bring me another one as good as this one, I will give you something incredible.

Nuke Palmia : OriginalEdit

Type: Sub-quest Dialog
Note: Quest NPC is Noel in Dalphi


Option 1 Byebye(fixed)
Option 2 もちろん
(Noel gives player a nuclear bomb)

2 After Palmia is destryoed


3 After the quest


Nuke Palmia : TranslationEdit


Hey, you're not from around here are you? I can tell just by your smell. The world out there... it's taught me that the meek are inevitably used, abused, and then chewed up and swallowed kicking and screaming. The people here are a rank lot, you won't win them over with sympathy and compassion. Don't you ever wonder how people like that can survive? Don't you want to know?
It's so simple, we live by feeding off of others. Spite, hatred, wickedness, and unrelenting cutthroat vigor are the only strengths you can rely on in this town. The outside world looks down on our lot, so we will make the outside world recognize our might. Say, stranger, why don't you join me in my world?
Option 1 Byebye(fixed)
Then find somewhere else to stand, coward.
Option 2 Of course I will.
Looks like you're one of us after all. I can't give you a welcome feast, but I can tell you a delicious little story. When I imagine others suffering, whimpering in pain and misery, I get goose bumps. How divine! At the inn in Palmia, there's a stuffed toy laying on the floor of the private room. Stick this bomb inside that toy for me. If you can drown those mindless ants in blood for me, I'll reward you well
(Noel gives player a nuclear bomb)
Go, make the brilliant blood red roses bloom.

2 After Palmia is destryoed

I can feel it already... the suffering... the misery... the pain... You've killed many people this day, you should be proud. Little kids, girls, women, old men, the sick, the feeble, even those neither born nor conceived yet. My body's hot, excited, I can hardly breathe... I won't be able to sleep tonight. My thanks, these are for you.

3 After the quest

You're still alive I see. Good luck glorious murderer.