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About Magic Capacity[]

A trick that may help one train their Magic Capacity skill. For a caster, training Magic Capacity was far more difficult with their low health. It reduces the kickback damage from magic reaction as it says in the description. Magic Capacity is one of the most important skills for a caster, if you intend to cast a spell without enough mana. Though the only way to train it is through the pain from magic reaction. The greater the damage, the more experience you Magic Capacity skill gets.

Training Magic Capacity[]

Basically, to train this skill requires you to hurt yourself by repeatedly overcasting. I just found out the safest, yet effective way to train it. It will require:

  • Lv 40 Control Magic ( Thus you gain the Mana Burst ability. )
  • Lots of "Contingency" ( Either spell or scrolls. )
  • Lots of Save Scumming.

From here on I think you understand what's my intention.

Mana Burst skill ( 50 sp cost ) was actually a skill for warrior types. Mana Burst shoots out a ranged magical damage to single target with strength as the base. It cost 2x your maximum MP. If you have 500 maximum MP, then it will require 1000 MP just to cast it. While a caster has a ton of MP, it will cause a lot of harm to yourself.

After you meet all the requirements, go seek your target. Recommended are wilderness areas near a town or the neutral NPC in the town itself. Your target should be an opponent which you can easily beat. What you have to do is:

  1. Cast contingency spell / Read the scroll
  2. Save the game
  3. Use Mana Burst ability on the target
  4. Reload the game if you die. Repeat if you survive.

Side Effect[]

Of course there's a side effect to this trick. You will get tired and resting will just deplete the effect of contingency, so you need to use contingency again if you want to continue. After depleting your contingency reserves, recovering your MP will be your next main problem. Sleeping is enough to get rid of it. If you want to train your Meditation skill by this point, take a request from a town which require you to travel to another town. That will kill two birds in one stone.