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Titles are an achievement system exclusive to the Omake variants. They are achieved on a per-character basis, and do not pass on through genes.

Some titles unlock special actions, or have other effects in game. These effects can be toggled on a per-title basis.

From the Omake Readme:

Titles Information

  • Players can now earn a title if conditions are met. Press y key open title list window.
  • In the title list window, x can be pressed to see details of a title.
  • Titles can be turned on and off with enter key.
  • Title in black means it is on while grey means it is off.
  • In addition, as certain titles are made as variable for check purposes when activated,
  • if certain titles meets requirements to unlock but previous titles are not turned on the title will not be earned. In this case please have the title on and meet the requirements again.
  • Certain titles have special effects implemented (possible to check special effects in title details).
  • If title is set to off its special effect will not occur.
  • Now possible to set which key is used to open title window in omake_config.
  • To do so, in omake_config.txt copy paste [key_title. "y"] without brackets while changing y to the key you wish to set to.
  • As the default is set to y key, if players do not feel the need to change this then nothing else is required to do.

Note: The effects were taken from google translation of thispage and may be inaccurate.

Omake Titles[]

Title Requirement Effects
Decoy Defeat Yeek chieftain Grants the Summon Yeeks special action
Born in a Temple Defeat <Tuwen> the master of the pyramid Sometimes resists curses
Leer Defeat <Vesda> the fire dragon At the time of a physical attack hit, rarely reduce the opponent's mitigation rate and calculate the damage
Nekodamashi Defeat <Cacy> the cat tamer Grants the Summon Cats special action
Phantom Slasher Defeat <Ungaga> the minotaur king The King of Minotaur "Ungaga" normally appears as a monster
Checkmate Defeat <Wynan> the lord of the Ancient Castle Grants the Summon Pawns special action
The Daily Lunch Show Special Defeat <Quruiza> the red-eyed Deceiver and <Corgon> the steel dragon Grants the Summon Fire special action
Repeat Kill Squad Defeat <Issizzle> the dark abomination Damage to women undead increases
Champion of the Labyrinths Defeat <Zeome> the false prophet I will be able to return to Lesimas' 1st floor
Mach Speed Cat Defeat <Frisia> the cat queen No effects
Destroyed Destructive Weapons Defeat <Utima> the destroyer of Xeren No effects in particular
The Purifier Defeat <Azzrssil> the impure No effects
John Connor Defeat Mani of Machine No effects
Sadist Killer Defeat Lulwy of Wind No effects
Unimplemented(Itzpalt) Unimplemented(Itzpalt) No effects
Harvester Defeat Kumiromi of Harvest No effects
Earth Splitter Defeat Opatos of Earth No effects
Mewmewmew! Defeat Ehekatl of Luck No effects
Unimplemented(Jure) Unimplemented(Jure) No effects * Placeholder title for defeating Jure of Healing
Nobody's Inside Defeat <God inside Ehekatl> No effects
Unimplemented(Defeat all gods) Unimplemented(Defeat all gods) No effects * Placeholder title for destroying all gods
Do Gooder Kill <Gwen> the innocent 100 times Karma limit will rise by 20 * Good people or bad guys feet and effects accumulate
Mold Killer Kill <Lomias> the messenger from Vindale 100 times When there is a messenger of a heterogeneous forest "Romias" at a party venue It will be announced at the party start
Returning Home Kill stray cat 100 times You can give scrolls of return to the lost child kitten.
Wailing Choir Kill bard 100 times The stone throwing damage to the performer rises
God of War Reach 100 in Tactics The range of effect of swarm will expand ※ spread to the range of 5 * 5 on my own
The 13th Reach 100 in Marksman No effects
Archmage Reach 300 combined in casting, literacy, and memorization The casting success rate is raised 5% by ignoring the upper limit by equipment.
Emptiness Reach 200 combined in healing and meditation The natural recovery amount of stamina rises ※ The reading seems to be "Wu"
One Man Army Reach 300 combined in weapon skills No effects
Hell's Wall Reach 100 combined in light, medium, and heavy armor Passing hostility toward pets to PC
The Blind Sword Reach 300 combined in evasion, greater evasion, eye of mind, and shield No effects.
Mad Scientist Reach 200 combined in gene engineer and anatomy The appearance rate of debris increases
Dragons' Den Reach 200 combined in negotiation and investing Large investment will be made possible.
Treasure Hunter Get 200 mining/lock picking/detection/disarm trap/sense quality combined No effects.
Father Reach 100 combined in tailoring, alchemy, carpentry, and jeweller No effects.
Stealth Reach 150 combined in stealth and pickpocket Sometimes I can hurry well when stealing is overlooked
Messenger of Justice Reach 100 in faith Damage to infidels increases and damage to the same people decreases
Best in Palmia! Reach 50 in cooking You will be able to make any dish
Super Tourist Reach 50 combined in traveling and fishing You will be able to fish at an unstoppable speed in your eyes
Demonic Elder Pope Reach 100 combined in magic capacity, control magic, and magic device No effects.
Strength is Power Reach 200 combined in weight lifting and two hand No effects
Dual Wield Mastery Reach 100 in dual wield Second batting may occur a second time in the dual-sword state
Slave to Turnips Reach 100 in gardening No effects.
Unmasked Rider Reach 100 in riding No effects
The Baby Reach 150 in performer A playing request tends to appear
Brother!/Sister! Read 30 little sister's diary I will be able to summon my sister
Search of Mother Travel more than 7321 miles The number of turns required to move in the global map decreases
The day we fly on our wings Abandon 10 pets We can hold up to five guests at our house
1000th Target 'Slayed' Prostitute to others 1000 times Even if you do something pleasant, you will not get sick
Happy Family Plan Have 10 children No effects
Mincemeat Alchemist Achieve 5 successful human transmutations No effects
Hannibal Lecter Eat 1000 human flesh Even if you eat meat meat will not go crazy * Effect is different from human meat feet
The Unfaithful Increase favor until an artifact is rewarded for all gods. You can make the apostles of God companion without restrictions * Acts outside omake Valiant are not counted
Billionaire Achieve 100,000,000 gp The upper limit of the number of employees who can hire at our house rises
You sound familiar... Achieve 100,000 fame No effects
Felix Hoenikker Use 50 nuclear bombs Increases effective range of nuclear bomb explosion.

Able to buy 10 or 100 bombs at one deal.

(OOMSEST only) Increases the damage of nuclear bomb explosion.

Nighttime Predator Achieve 30 marriage partners No effects
Hello, I am Mayor Reach 50 people living in dungeon No effects
Junkie Reach 1000th floor of Void No effects

Omake overhaul[]

The Omake overhaul adds the following titles:

title Requirement effect
A man who fits black Pet 47 times purchased from a mysterious slave merchant Enables the overworld event "A smiling smuggler"
Monster · Hunter 20 unique monsters defeated "Unicorn of Order" ? may appear
Those who eat the end Defeat "Unicorn of Order" Defeated unique monsters may appear

Omake overhaul modify Sukutu Edition South Tyris[]

In oomSEST, previously unimplemented titles have been implemented, and more titles have been added.