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    Changelog (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • Made it possible to name your deeds with a house board or a register, except your house and the maid mansion. The name will then be displayed on the bottom left just like your house. It will also show up if it's a showroom map.
    • The type of shop that you own can be changed. It's similar to expanding the shop in that it will cost money. Items that are not compatible with the shop type will not sell at all, but compatible items will sell for more, and sell more quickly. For example, food shops will sell food items very easily. This and the above change make roleplaying a shopkeeper much easier - not that this was the reason for the change.
    • Cold damage deals more damage on wet targets. The multiplier is higher than the one for lightning damage.
    • Precious equipment will no longer come with random equipment attributes. To make up for that, made godly equipment come with more attributes.
    • Doing melee attacks when equipped with a shield will give Shield skill experience.
    • Reduced shield casting penalty from 12% to 5%.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Made it possible to wish for secret characters in the English version.
    • NB: "secretcharacter"
    • Fixed English map name for Harvest Time quests.
    • Fixed 1.56 unique NPC having a higher level than it should due to the Cradle of Chaos bonus.
    • Fixed characters equipped with nothing causing a crash with an error when they used certain gauge attacks.
    • Fixed repeatedly using Multiple Gather causing a crash with an error.

    Detailed changelog (E)

    1.57: detailed changelog

    Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt. May contain spoilers.

    [Shop types]
    • the goods shop. Default. Works the same as previous versions.
    • the food shop. Will sell only food items. Final selling price has x 2 modifier.
    • the magic shop. Will sell only scrolls, spellbooks, and rods. Final selling price has x 2.5 modifier.
    • the blacksmith. Will sell only equipment. Final selling price has x 2 modifier.
    • the inn shop. Will sell only containers and potions. Final selling price has x 3 modifier.

    The default shop has a 1/8 chance of cancelling the sale of an item. The food shop and the rest of the new shop types, however, do not have this chance of cancelling. Number of items sold remains random.

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