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    Changelog (E)

    [Changes and additions]
    • Five additional floors worth of main quest in Act III.
    • Added 6 high-level members to the Shell race including 1 unique NPC. Added 1 evolution pattern.
    • Added one new artifact and unique NPC.
    • Added 2 special actions. Made the detection-type feats grant a special action instead.
    • Added two gaze-type special actions. Added a feat that will confer one of them.
    • Added gauge attacks that trigger with gaze-type attacks other than Eye of brainwashing.
    • Modified medusa, euryale, stheno, and cockatrice's AIs. Only the newly-generated NPCs will experience this change.
    • Worshipping changes
      • Doubled the effect of the passive ability from worshipping Mani.
      • The ability from Opatos has been made to affect more than physical damage.
      • Yacatect's ability will now also increase the drop rate of regular items.
      • Speed increase and speed cap for worshipping Lulwy also increased.
      • 20% of max health added to formula for Prayer of Jure, but only for the player.
      • Made stamina regeneration from worshipping Kumiromi recover 1 sp/2 turns.
    • Changed stamina recovery from 2 sp/10 turns to 2 sp/4 turns.
    • Made it so that Mist of Silence effect will not show up even when out of sight.
    • Changed mana battery calculation. Spells levels won't be 0, increased the amount of spell stock gained, and made it display what stock was gained or if mana was recovered.
    • Changed harpy race's second leg slot to a back slot.
    • When the sum of "chance of extra ranged/melee attack" enchants and the bonus from Dual Wield skill reaches a certain amount, extra attacks become guaranteed. Changed it to make the extra attacks somewhat random.
    • Added a sound effect that plays when entering a floor with a Big Daddy in it.
    • Prevented empty items from showing up in the list of things to (o)pen. You can now open containers by spamming the shortcut key assigned to them.
    • Dyes will now have their colour code after their name to help differentiate between similar colours. (It will not display when unidentified.)
    • magistus, trismagistus, skull sword, and violent skull sword will display the skill level at which they were made.
    • When the player successfully uses the special action Bewitch on friendly NPCs, money will be received. They will not give any more money when they are no longer interested, and you receive less than if you had used prostitution. It's low-risk and low-return; it takes only 1 turn, the NPCs do not need to be drunk, and there is no risk of Sickness. It's for roleplaying a beggar, when you need money, and when you just want to siphon money off them but remain chaste.
    • Summoned undead will no longer start sleeping in towns at night.
    • Characters that die to fire damage will no longer start a fire. Items on the ground will still burn without a magatama.
    • High level adventurers and god NPCs will have their attributes weakened to 1/5 instead of 1/6. This should fix the bug where the values were not rounded off properly, making the values go weird.
    • Fixed some descriptions.
    • Fixed Shining Wave having a water sound effect.
    • Fixed message displayed when stepping on essential oil and gasoline puddles. Gasoline puddles generated in a previous version will display as and act like essential oil though.
    • Fixed a variable in alchemy rain not functioning as it should and causing bugged exp gain.
    • Made a sub quest added in 1.55 recognize when the year changes.
      • NB: Sophia's quest.
    • Made duel opponents not capturable with monster balls and little balls.
    • Made maximum HP/MP not overflow.
    • Fixed critical hit damage multiplier using Martial Arts not going above 1.
    • Extra attacks should proc less the more arms the character has - the modifier wasn't working, and it's fixed now.
    • Fixed the bonus skill selected during character creation disappearing if the game is closed without saving right after the opening scene. Can't guarantee that it'll work properly if you quit before the dialogue in the beginning though.
    • When NPCs duplicate rods with alchemy, they are no longer stacked into the player's inventory. Remaining charges on stacks of rods will also no longer increase.
    • When summoned undead defeat an enemy, allies tagged to the player will now be able to receive AP (albeit a reduced amount) if they are eligible.
    • Fixed tagged NPCs not reflecting their speed changes due to buffs.
    • Fixed high level NPCs having an overflow in experience and gaining the amount overflowed.
    • Fixed quest givers' names going weird in the journal when the player is in another floor of the town.

    Detailed changelog (E) Beware of spoilers?

    Taken from 仕様書(elonaplus).txt.

    [Expanded main quest]
    • Placed <Manytia> (see below) in F20 of Cradle of Chaos. Will resurrect in a day on this floor if he dies.
    • F21 event.
    • Placed <Mary> the insect master, <Shell King of Vindale>, and <Aribel> (if she exists in the library) on F22.
    • F23 event.
    • Placed <Kuroya> on F24, as well as <Belphat> if you have already met him.
    • F25 isn't done yet, so you won't be able to enter it.
    [New NPCs]
    • <Manytia> the adventure merchant
      • Level 152 dwarf. Shadow step. On low health, Zero shoot.
    • dark dome
      • Level 161 shell. Floats. Acid Ground, Shadow Step, Gravity Sphere.
    • <Shell King of Vindale>
      • Level 150 shell. Friendly NPC. Dark eye, Touch of Weakness, Touch of Nerve. On low health, Healing Rain.
    • death maneki
      • Level 140 shell. Death Song, Multiple Gather.
    • king woodlouse
      • Level 107 shell. Forms swarms. Eye of Mana, Magic Dart. Will rarely use Bound in Blood.
    • aroma-locaris
      • Level 90 shell. Voracity Fang, Squeeze. Females will drop essential oil.
    • snipe hermit
      • Level 54 shell. Brings inner peace when eaten.
    [New evolutions]
    • homeless crab evolved from hermit crab will now evolve with another heart into landlord crab, gains cArmor bit flag.
    [New artifact]
    • <AA-12 Advance>
      • Equipped by the aforementioned <Manytia>.
    [Changes to feats and new special actions]
    • Strings Assassin
      • Replaces detection-type feats.
      • Grants the special action Blade Strings.
      • Target the skill in one of the four directions.
      • If target is not self, deals damage dependent on Tactics and Dexterity.
      • Usage gives Tactics experience. Damage is reduced by target's PV and Constitution.
      • If target's HP is less than 1/9 of max, then invoke Decapitation.
      • If target is under the effect of Bind, then deal bleed damage depending on Tactics skill.
      • If target is self, then a wire trap is set at that position.
      • Placing and removing wire traps will not give any experience to Disarm Trap.
      • Wire traps will deal damage depending on the floor you are on and on the target's Speed.
      • That damage is reduced by PV, and floating characters will not set them off.
      • Traps disappear after being set off once.
      • This may not be the trap battle system I said I was going to make.
    • Dancing Wire special action.
      • If you have the above Strings feat and 40 or more Tactics, you will learn this at your next level up.
      • Causes 3 turns of Bind and Draw Shadow.
    • Magic Eye
      • New feat. Grants Eye of Mana.
    • Eye of Illusion special action
      • If you have the Magic Eye feat above and 20 or more Control Magic, you will learn this at your next level up.
      • Deals mind damage depending on Magic and Will stats.
    • Eye of Stiffen special action
      • Deals nerve damage depending on Magic and Will stats, and will also increase the target's defence.
      • The increase in defence lasts for 3 turns.
      • Reduction of defence by Pulverization, melee weapon and the equipment attributes on them, and panzerfaust X will overwrite this increase in defence. (Overwrite, not negate!)
      • This special action has its drawbacks, but it deals enough damage and the status effects have enough power to make up for it.
    [Changes to AI]
    • medusa will now use Magic Dart, Eye of Stiffen, melee wait, and maintain a distance of 2.
    • euryale will now use Eye of Illusion.
    • stheno will now use Eye of dimness.
    • cockatrice will now use Eye of Stiffen instead of Touch of Nerve. Maintains distance of 3.
    [New gauge attack]
    • Mind Break
      • Deals nerve and mind damage dependent on enchant level of equipment and Magic and Will stats.
      • Also deals MP damage.
      • Also increases target's sanity by the same amount as Eye of Insanity.
      • Also causes the same amount of Dim as Eye of dimness.
      • Also causes the target to vomit.
      • Unique NPCs and characters immune to dim will be unaffected by dim and insanity.
    [Randomness of additional melee/ranged attacks]
    • Before this version, extra attacks proced when strength of the equipment attribute > a random number between 0-99 + modifier.
    • In this version, extra attacks will now proc if 2 * equipment attribute strength + 1 > a random number between 0-99 + modifier.
    • The probability that an extra attack will proc increases with the equipment attribute strength and approaches 100%, but it will never be 100%.
    • The strength of enchants has also been multiplied by 2, so you will see more extra attacks even with low level equipment attributes.
    • By the way, warrior and gunner classes have +5 to the chance of doing the first extra attack.
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