• Do you use Cheat Engine for Elona? Got any handy tips you'd like to share? With enough tips, we could make a dedicated section on the Memory editing page. I'll start:

    1. Wizard mode toggle (in-game)

    1. In Cheat Engine, search for the number of turns (visible on your character sheet). After a few turns passed, search again and only one address should remain.
    2. Select the address, hit Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Enter and adjust it by ce0. This is the address that controls wizard mode.
    3. Set its value to 1 to turn wizmode ON; set it to 0 to turn it off.

    2. Game mode toggle

    1. get turns address as described above
    2. this time, the address is adjusted by 434.
    3. values for this address correspond to the following modes:

    0=advancing; 1=no future; 2=overdose; 3=inferno; 4=natural.

    3. Ether disease monitor

    1. you know the pattern.
    2. adjust turns address by 144.
    3. monitor your character's ether disease progress, adjust it, or freeze it for total ether immunity.

    Any tricks you have? How do you use cheat engine with Elona, what addresses do you search for?

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    • Earlier I was playing 1.27 and discovered that preach really DOES sometimes cause the game to exit without saving... and that still gives you the no-save penalty for non-Advancing mode. So I hopped on Cheat Engine, found my current stamina by Rubbing my pets and searching, then entered memory view around that location to find my current karma (The bytes will be ?? FF FF FF and the first one will be 256-your negative karma) and set them back to my regular karma. I wasn't planning on cheating at all on this playthrough but I won't accept a -100 karma penalty for a game error like that.

      For finding/changing item stats, start by dropping an item on an empty floor tile. Search the quantity of that item. Pick it up, search 0. Drop a different quantity of items on the ground, search that quantity. Repeat until there's only one option left. Right click and browse memory from that value (I'll call it Q for quantity). From then on you can:

      --- Improve equipment! Drop the item you want to improve on the ground (make sure the tile is empty, then drop). Q+10 shows the quality (from poor to special, 1-6) of the item, Q+20 shows the level of identification (0 unidentified, 1 partially identified, 2 fully identified) Q+28 on will go in order of #dice, dice sides, damage bonus, hit bonus, DV, PV every four bytes. Q+44 is cursed blessed (-2 doomed, -1 cursed, 0 normal, 1 blessed) Q+100 onward will have the fun stuff, special abilities added by the weapon. You'll have to remember that you need two 4-byte values for each of these. The first one determines what kind of ability, and the second one determines the strength (the second value can be negative). 

      But what are these values? Between 21 and 62 will be most passive or random abilities, including "increased crit chance" "sucks blood", "prevents teleportation". Setting the wrong strength values on these is most likely to break the game. 10010-10019 increases stats from strength to luck and 60010-60019 maintains those stats. 20050-20061 will give element resists and 70050-70061 will deal elemental damage. 30150-30190 will increase (or decrease) various skills. 80000-80027 will grant various spell procs.

      Remember: each separate attribute needs *8 bytes*: 4 for the type of attribute, and 4 for the strength. And there's a maximum number of attributes you can add to an item. 

      --- Getting allies! If you have a monster ball, Q+5C is the value you want to edit for what kind of monster/NPC is inside. There are roughly 650 monsters, using the same values as those on the map editor. So if you want a dozen Lulwys following you around, knock yourself out!

      A warning, however: Some of the NPCs will have bad AI for being pets, and a number of creatures will have skills removed. ... Heck, even if they're not... Would you rather have Ehekatl with Mewmewmew! or without?

      It's been a while since I used cheat engine for Elona so I forget any other things I've done when messing around.

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    • Thanks for the cool tips! That drop-item-find-quality trick is quite useful; I've gotten some pretty neat tricks out of it before (like, picking stuff up, even if the game treats it as 'not yours'). Nowadays I tend to use addresses to inventory items. Found them easier to get pointers for.

      Cool that you mention the monster ball trick! Getting pets this way is very handy, especially when cycling through many of 'em in a short time.

      Another useful address is Q+4C, the item usage modifier. Handy when you need a bunch of non-wishable hearts for pet evolution (58), but all you have are monster balls (33).

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    • Can anyone explain what exactly is meant by Q+whatever? Thanks!

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    • 'Q' is the quantity of the item you want to modify. Q+whatever means the offset from Q's address in Cheat Engine (CE).

      Finding Q is easy, if you have 3-4 items of the same kind in your inventory. Just drop/pick up some, search for the changed quantity values in CE. Once you have this address, make offset copies (copy/paste in CE, fill in the "adjust address by" field).

      Concrete example. I have six empty monster balls, search for 6 in CE. Drop four, search for 2. Pick up one, search for 3. Eventually I'll end with only one address on the list (say, 05E207E0). This is my 'Q'. I copy and paste 05E207E0, and enter 5C in the "adjust address by" field. This results in a new address, 05E2082C, which is the item usage modifier. Changing the VALUE of this address allows me to put any monster into the ball (say, 444 = mimic).

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    • Ah, thanks for the info!

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    • No problem, have fun! :)

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    • I found how to hack abillities 

      Spreadsheet of various values (from EloSnack)

      1 for search for ability id ex invoke grenade is 80025

      2 change a value and examine item if no change reset the value and go to the next rexamining each time you change a value

      3 power of effect is +4 ajustment[ex value 06E90420 is skill 06E90424 is power 06E90428 is next skill ]

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    • this is what i found about the item modification.

      q+8  = visual/sprite
      q+c  = item id (see item table)
      q+10 = quality (1to6,5godly,6static artifact)
      q+1c = weight (1000 = 1s, 10000=10s)
      q+20 = identification (0-3,3id)

      q+24 = charges
      q+28 = number of dice
      q+2c = dice sides
      q+30 = damage bonus
      q+34 = hit bonus
      q+38 = dv
      q+3c = pv
      q+44 = bless (-2doom,1bless)
      q+4c = use modifier
      q+5c = furniture rank (0normal 11godly) or monster inside ball(see bestiary)
      q+58 = sprite color/tint (same number as material)
      q+5c = artifact name1(1-byte, from 00 to 255)
      q+5d = artifact name2(1-byte, from 157 to 255)
      q+60 = material (0-35, above that we have seed materials[herb,magic,etc] and finally wood on 43)
      q+8c = flags (acidproof=2,fireproof=4,both=6//see elosnack page)
      q+a0 = ability 1
      q+a4 = ability 1  power
      q+a8 = ability 2
      q+ac = ability 2  power
      q+b0 = ability 3
      q+b4 = ability 3  power
      q+b8 = ability 4
      q+bc = ability 4  power
      q+c0 = ability 5
      q+c4 = ability 5  power
      q+c8 = ability 6
      q+cc = ability 6  power
      q+d0 = ability 7
      q+d4 = ability 7  power
      q+d8 = ability 8
      q+dc = ability 8  power
      q+e0 = ability 9
      q+e4 = ability 9  power
      q+e8 = ability 10
      q+ec = ability 10 power
      q+f0 = ability 11
      q+f4 = ability 11 power
      q+f8 = ability 12
      q+fc = ability 12 power
      q+100= ability 13
      q+104= ability 13 power
      q+108= ability 14
      q+10c= ability 15
      q+110= ability 15 power
      abilities must be added in order.

      power rarely goes beyond -500 or 500, but could go A LOT higher

      put these on ability #

      -means protection or lowering effects,+means adding
      /21+tele/22-tele/23-blind/24-paral/25-conf/26-fear/27-sleep/28-poison/29+travel/30-etherwind/31-weather/32+float/33-mutation/34+spells/35+see invi/36+absorb stamina/37+end/38+absorb mp/39+pierce/40+stop time/41-thieves/42+eat rotten/ 43-cursing words/44+crit/45+suck blood/46-growth/47+attract monsters/48-aliens/49+reward/50+extra atk/51+rngd atk/52-dmg taken/53+null dmg taken/54+cut dmg to attacker/55-bleeding/56+signals from god/57+dragon dmg/58+undead dmg/59+show religion/60+audience drunk/61+god dmg/62+mag dmg to mag attacker/63+remote blow/64-enemy crits/65+interlocking shooting/66+proximity assist/67+mana to attack/68+buff breath/69+buff trowingRock/

      60000+w = maintain atrib
      10000+w = increase atrib
      w being these numbers=

      20050+x = damage resist
      70050+x = damage bonus
      x being these numbers=

      30150+y = buff skill
      y being these numbers=
      /0literacy/1gene engineering/2tactics/3weight lift/4healing/5meditation/6negotiation/7stealth/8lockpicking/9detection/10investing/11anatomy/12sense quality/13mining/14magic capacity/15memorization/16dual wield/17two hand/18shield/19heavy armor/20medium armor/21light armor/22casting/23evasion/24magic device/25disarm trap/26carpentry/27tailoring/28alchemy/29jeweler/30gardening/31faith/32traveling/33performance/34cooking/35fishing/36eye of mind/37greater evasion/38control magic/39marksman/40swimming/

      80000+z = invokes abilities
      z being these numbers=
      /0elemental scar/1draw shadow/2nightmare/3raging roar/4chaos ball/5lulwys trick/6dimensional move/7feather/8lightning breath/9nerve breath/10nether breath/11divine wisdom/12holy veil/13hero/14speed/15regen/16holy shield/17mist of silence/18web/19lightning bolt/20darkness bolt/21mind bolt/22ice bolt/23healing rain/24grenade/25decapitation/26gravity sphere/27shining wave/

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    • I can't find Adjust adress by field i've tried searching it but so far nothing

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    • I'm new to cheat engine i understand the details but i don't get the pointers and offset part because the offset i'm trying to find often appears like edx or ecx

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    • q+ ? for living weapon flag

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    • q+8c 

      • 2: Acid proof
      • 4: Fireproof
      • 16: Has charges. Note that removing this from an item which has charges will just result in charges not being displayed, and the item not being elligable for being recharged, but otherwise changes nothing.
      • 32: Precious
      • 256: Blessed by Ehekatl.
      • 512: Stolen
      • 1024: Living weapon. (NOTE: If you make an item living but don't give it a level of at least 1, attempting to examine the item will crash the game)
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    • q+68 Living weapon xp

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    • Figured out how to change Jewel of tear of god types whilst trying to get Invokes Grenade on a raw fleursabre, so I'm not sure if this is a complete list or not:

      Q + 64

      1 - Fire Damage
      2 - Cold Damage
      3 - Lightning Damage
      4 - Poison Damage
      5 - Chaos Damage
      6 - Sound Damage
      7 - Darkness Damage
      8 - Gravity Sphere Invoke
      9 - Magic Damage
      10 - Absolute Piercing
      11 - Remote Blow
      12 - N/A
      13 - N/A
      14 - N/A
      15 - N/A
      16 - Enhances Spells
      17 - Element Scar Invoke
      18 - Darkness Bolt Invoke
      19 - Combines Fire/Cold Spells
      20 - Grenade Invoke
      21 - Nerve Damage
      22 - Mind Damage
      23 - Combines Mind/Sound Spells

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