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Thieves are a type of human enemy that uses the Malicious Hand special action extensively, which steals some of the target's (your) gold before teleporting the user away. They are not really dangerous combat-wise; however, it can be annoying trying to chase them down in a dungeon so that you can kill them and get your gold back.

Types of Thief[]


Thieves are humans, meaning that you will go insane if you eat their corpses. They steal small amounts of gold and teleport away. The best way to deal with them is a prompt series of ranged attacks. They have low HP and do practically no damage because they automatically make a steal attempt if they get within melee range.


Robbers are beefed-up thieves. They're still very low level encounters and die very easily. However, they tend to steal large amounts of gold and should be dealt with immediately.

Master Thief[]

An even stronger version of a thief. Still no threat combat-wise, but they are a bit harder to kill now due to their higher health levels.