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墓所 Boshio
You see the graveyard of Lumiest. It's silent. Very silent.
Region North Tyris
Location (73,31)
Music mcRuin
Filename grave_1.map

A map of the graveyard. There are two small medals scattered about.

A graveyard to the east of the bridge to Lumiest.

Since the furniture there has no owner, grave-robbers might take a few items for their homes or resell (except, disappointingly, for the unaligned altar). A performer looking for an instrument can find a horn lying on one of the graves. Because the graveyard is treated as a static location, the furniture will not respawn, so don't accidentally burn down the altar hoping to get an unaligned one.

A pair of inferior-material wings and a random low-level spellbook can also be found near the altar, free for taking. Two small medals can also be found here (see map for location).


The graveyard remains mostly unchanged. However, those generated in the newest versions (confirmed for 1.61) also spawn four Coffins of Necromancy containing Cat (Zombie), one DD cemetery key and one Mission Briefing book.


Flavor text[]

Moving inside the area

All around you is the sensation of being in a sacred place

All around is very quiet, yet your aren't the least bit lonely

You have seldom felt such an air of peace

In your mind you hear the strange echoes of a voice in prayer