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This was the last new location added in Elona, which sat in a nondescript location in the barren South Tyris map. It remains in the same place due south of the border, along the road. It also lights up like a town at night, but has no quest board or other town features. It has tourists that you can talk to, although they only give generic lines, and many neutral NPCs. These include a few citizens (Larna type), beggars, old people, a bard, a mercenary warrior, and mercenary. I would guess that part of this has to do with the hot springs behind the pub. Along with Silvia are a rogue, a noble, an artist, and a farmer of various genders. The Leopard Warrior is surrounded by town children. It has a well in the lower right.

It uses track number 54 for it's music (mcMemory2).


  • Innkeeper (Rank 8)


  • Inn

Notable NPC's[]

  • The Leopard Warrior: No quests, seemingly not involved in anything yet other than to reference Guin Saga, He was there even before Elona+, as one of the last new things put in the game.
  • Silvia the Princess: Surrounded by a harem of neutral NPCs. She gives her own quest. Fallen Princess Level 80, looking for high charisma additions. Inventory is full of tomatoes. She's the other reference to Guin Saga, to a former wife of Guin who became addicted to sex and drugs. This would seem to be the basis for her quest.

Small Medal Locations[]

  • This map has no medals.