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The Embassy
パルミア大使館 Parumia Taishikan
You see the Embassy.
Region North Tyris
Location (53,21)
Music mcRuin
Filename office_1.map

The layout of the Embassy, with the locations of the small medals.

The Embassy is located just north of Palmia. It sells deeds and equipment for shops and ranches, plus random furniture. The Embassy is also the location where bills are paid after the player reaches level six, being the only place where a tax box is available (until the player trades for one of their own using medals at Miral and Garok's Workshop).

In the easternmost room, the two safes can be safely opened and looted.

Elona Mobile[]

What's unique in Mobile?[]

  • Ranking Board - View your Fame, Salary and Tax status. See your tax bill details including labor and maintenance costs. See number of unpaid tax bills.
  • Tax Box - You can pay your taxes here or in at any major town. (Or but a tax box from Miral and Garok's Workshop.) Pay taxes here x10 for a Town Achievement.
  • Lots of guards. This is a good place to die if you want to go to Jail.
  • The shop investment cap may be tied to the Town Achievement level in Palmia.

Mobile NPC's[]

  • Shopkeeper <Sanders> - Sells deeds, books and supplies.
  • Shopkeeper <Lewis> - Sells furniture, decoration and misc. items. Including replacement salary chests, teller machines, etc. if you lose them.
  • <The Ambassador> - Can give you a replacement Guild Camp deed.