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The Adventure Seminar
冒険ゼミ Bōken Zemi
Map adventure seminar.png
You see the Adventure Seminar
Region North Tyris
Location (26,27)
Music mcCasino
Filename semi1.map
Category:The Adventure Seminar

The Adventure Seminar is a place facility in Elona+. Added in 1.65. It appears in the North Tyris, just 4 steps south from Vernis. It serves as a tutorial map. Players can participate in a seminar only once per day. In the English versions of Elona+ between 1.65 and 2.02, all of the unique NPCs' dialogues were untranslated.

The place is divided into two floors: The Adventure Seminar as the first floor and Classroom as the second floor. The first floor contains novices, neutral teachers, a trainer, and a unique NPC. You can find a small medal in the room directly behind the register. The second floor contains novices and two unique NPCs. The second floor is accessible when you participate in a seminar. The second floor refreshes each time you reenter the map. Any item dropped there will disappear after reentering.

Notable objects include a 4-Dimensional mirror and the red book <Secrets of the journal>.


A total of 16 seminars are offered (four courses with four parts each), as detailed below. Once a seminar has been completed and its reward has been claimed, it will be priced 50gp, regardless of its original price.

You can only take one seminar per day.

When all 16 Adventure Seminar item rewards have been collected from <Karata> the seminar mascot, the <Crown Point> will be available from <Part time worker> the red sword.

  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Life Course 200gp 800gp 1800gp 3200gp
Tool Course 200gp 800gp 1800gp 3200gp
Training Course 200gp 800gp 1800gp 3200gp
Battle Course 200gp 800gp 1800gp 3200gp


Notable NPCs[]