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Per: {{{per}}} Lea: {{{lea}}} Wil: {{{wil}}}
Mag: {{{mag}}} Cha: {{{cha}}}
Life: {{{life}}} Mana: {{{mana}}} Speed: {{{speed}}}
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

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Shield: {{{shield}}}
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Medium Armor: {{{mediumarmor}}}
Light Armor: {{{lightarmor}}}
Evasion: {{{evasion}}}
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Faith: {{{faith}}}
Meditation: {{{meditation}}}

Long Sword: {{{longsword}}}
Axe: {{{axe}}}
Martial Arts: {{{martialarts}}}
Scythe: {{{scythe}}}
Blunt: {{{blunt}}}
Polearm: {{{polearm}}}
Stave: {{{stave}}}
Short Sword: {{{shortsword}}}
Bow: {{{bow}}}
Crossbow: {{{crossbow}}}
Throwing: {{{throwing}}}

This template automatically adds categories: Category:NPCs; Category:<race> NPCs; Category:<class> NPCs (or Category:Classless NPCs if no class specified); Category:level <level_range> NPCs; Category:<gender> NPCs; with all variables taken from the input.
Update: sprite and portrait images are also recognized by the template now. Just enter the filename in the appropriate slot; the template does the rest. Variant that the NPC is exclusive to can be set using variant with the values; Elona+ corresponds to plus; Omake overhaul corresponds to oo; Omake overhaul modify SEST corresponds to oomsest; and Elona corresponds to no value.

<!-- skills with no value should not appear unless they are ubiquitous -->

<!-- type anything in resistances to make the resistances show up -->
<!-- typing into variants changes the category the statbox will be placed in -->