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Each month you have to pay taxes. The amount you have to pay is divided in three main groups. The amount of salary you must pay to your hirelings (Labor), the amount of maintenance for all the buildings you constructed with Deeds (Maint.), and a general 'adventurers' tax (tax).

The amount of taxation can be reduced by having the Apprentice and Expert Accountant feats.

There are no taxes for characters below level 6.

Paying Taxes[]

Taxes are paid at The Embassy by using the tax box while the tax bill is in your inventory. The tax bills are put in your salary box in your home at the start of each month.

You can also obtain your own tax box at Miral and Garok's Workshop for 18 medals.

Expenses Calculation[]

'Adventurers' Tax[]

This tax is determined by the following factors.

  • Each level increases the tax by 108gp.
  • For every 1000gp you carry, the tax is increased by about 0.96gp.
  • Each point of Fame increases tax by about 0.96gp.


Having a positive karma will reduce the amount of tax you have to pay by 5% per 5 positive karma, to the maximum of 40% if you have used the Secret Treasure of the Saint that gives you +20 maximum karma. Negative karma will not increase taxes.

Karma's tax break only applies to the 'Adventurers' tax portion of your bill. The salaries of your employees and maintenance bills are not taxes, but are simply paid at the same time.  


The accountant feats can reduce your taxes a further 7 or 15%. This also does not apply to maintenance or labor costs.

Losing your tax bill[]

If you ever lose the tax bill, you can buy a new one using 5 small medals at Miral and Garok's Workshop. This has a side benefit of reducing the bill to 0gp.


Maintenance upkeep is determined by buildings you have constructed on the world map using Deeds.


Servants you hire for your home incur a monthly wage, which is 5% of their original cost.

Name Initial Cost Wage
Bartender 7000 350
Guard 1000 50
Healer 10000 500
Informer 5000 250
Maid 9000 450
Shopkeeper 20000 1000
Wizard 15000 750

Changes in Elona+[]

There are no taxes for characters below level 10.

Adventurers Tax is extremely cut down. It only relates to how much gp player carries. It's about (gp)/33.

There is also a Tax Certificate item. It allows the player to prepay their taxes, by sending them through the tax box along with their required amount of gold. They can be bought from the shopkeepers in the embassy, in forms of 1.2 million and 12 million certificates. This can save the player time from paying taxes every month.