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Tailoring is a dexterity based skill that allows the character to make equipment, among other items. A sewing kit is required to tailor items.

Material quality of the produced item varies and it is possible to produce Great, Miracle, and Godly quality items with this skill.

Starting with Elona+ version 1.46, pets with the tailoring skill can produce armor if the playable character goes to sleep and wakes up between 4 - 11 am. The character receives the prompt "[Pet] has stayed up all night crafting armor", and a piece of gear is dropped.

Crafted Tailoring Items[]

Product Skill Materials
Shoes 1 Cloth x 4, Vein x 2, Mithril fragment x 3
Robe 4 Cloth x 6, Vein x 3, Magic fragment x 2
Rope 5 Vein x 7, Cloth x 4
Girdle 8 Leather x 4, Bear's tail x 5, Rabbit's tail x 2
Rag doll 8 Cloth x 5, Leather x 2, Snow x 2
Light Cloak 10

Leather x 5, Adhesive x 3, Human gene x 6

Elona+ Tailoring List[]

Original items have been made easier to create, while items in italics are newly craftable. Some of these items are used in the artifact fusion system.

In addition to the items listed below, tailoring is used in some recipes for items that can by made by using the pot for fusion.

Product Skill Materials
Decorated cloth 1 Cloth x 1, Stick x 1
Clothes 3 Cloth x 2, Driftwood x 1 Variety of clothes
Rope 5 Vein x 2, Branch x 2
Rag doll 8 Cloth x 1, Bear's tail x 2
Ikaros wing 10 Bird's feather x 100, Element fragment x 1 Artifact fusion item (Adds Float)
Dress 12 Durable cloth x 1, Branch x 2
Fireproof blanket 15 Durable cloth x 2, Adhesive x 2, Ice stone x 2
Iceproof blanket 17 Durable cloth x 2, Adhesive x 2, Fire stone x 2
Soft materium 20 Bear's tail x 2, Rabbit's tail x 2
Luxury sofa 25 Leather x 1, Durable cloth x 2, Bird's feather x 3
Soul Spindle 30 Memory fragment x 2, Red weed x 1, Thick wood x 1 Used to transfer pets to characters created through genes.
Soft high materium 35 Leather x 3, Vein x 2
Fur carpet 40 Leather x 2, Adhesive x 2, Witch's tear x 2

Trained skill[]

You may learn tailoring from the trainer in Yowyn.


Races (Elona+)[]


Tailoring by pets in Elona+[]

If you wake up in the morning (between dawn and noon) and you have any pets with soulmate relationship in your party that has the tailoring skill, it will make a piece of armor. Other pets meeting the requirement can contribute half their number to the primary pet. The equipment is always a blessed, high quality one, and higher levels of the crafting skill allows your pet to craft different types of gear (one new type available every 10 levels). Pets don't use tools and make equipment out of nothing.

Pets may craft anything in their current skill tier and lower. Here's the complete list:

Equipment Skill
Gloves 1+
Tight boots 10+
Coat 20+
Magic hat 30+
Charm 40+
Cloak 50+
Decorated gloves 60+
Pope robe 70+
Bulletproof vest 80+
Fairy hat 90+


  • #lorin may increase Tailoring by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Control Magic instead.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #lori may increase Tailoring by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Control Magic instead.

Elona Mobile[]

In Mobile, the Tailoring skill is used to make basic Light Armor, fishing rods and Cargo at Crafting Tables. Crafting Recipes can be found here.