Tactics increases the overall damage dealt with melee weapons, unarmed combat, and thrown weapons.

At skill 16, when you level up you will gain the Swarm special action, which attempts to do a normal attack to every enemy in melee range at the cost of 5 stamina. Combined with a stamina-draining weapon, this ability can be performed almost infinitely.

(In Elona+ mod, the level to gain Swarm is changed to 30)

  • +0.1 damage multiplier per 1.5 levels

Trained skill[edit | edit source]

You may learn Tactics from the fighter's guild trainer in Port Kapul.

Races[edit | edit source]

Classes[edit | edit source]

Wishing[edit | edit source]

  • #tactics may increase Tactics by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Casting instead.

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